Shop Update 09.01.11

Here’s this week’s update. I’m so excited that we’ve finally got hold of some of our more luxury yarn bases, such as the pure cashmeres and the cashmere/silks. I know that a lot of you have been waiting for them to come back into stock, and we’ll be trying to eke them out over the dreary winter months!

One thought on “Shop Update 09.01.11

  1. You know you could have written this blog just for me! Everything applies equally to me….and guess what, I forgot about the shopping on Sunday night! Drat and double drat…this stuff moves so fast! It is gorgeous and there are several I would go for…next time….if my old memory serves me well. And yes, you need to learn to drive, girl… gives you independence but otherwise 35 is so young from where I stand!!
    Best wishes to you (and I) for better health and better eating and more exercise in 2011!