Shop Update 19.12.10

I can’t believe we’re on the last update of 2010!! I hope you’ve all enjoyed the last year of Posh, I know we’ve enjoyed sharing it with you! So here’s a preview of our last shop update, hope you like it! We will be closing on December 21st, and coming back on January 2nd.

2 thoughts on “Shop Update 19.12.10

  1. Really really disappointed that the shop opened early today, normally when I’ve bought wool in the past I’ve had no trouble getting the skeins I wanted and even ten mins later there have been skeins left. But tonight, according to my clocks, by a couple of minutes to 7 everything was already all sold out.

  2. Hi Dee + Tony,
    me too late as well on Sunday, I desperately wanted one skein of “Carnaby Street”, the colour (my fave) and sparkle combo spoke to me immediately…sigh…I´m quite often on the looser´s side, as my checkout takes a tad longer (ordering from outside the UK).

    However, have a most deserved break, a merry, happy,purry and veggie Christmas at Posh House and many thanks indeed for making another of my knitting years so wonderfully colourful, interesting, inspirative and creative.

    Hey, by the way, what about a KAL or competition for a wedding lace shawl for Kate… or wedding socks for Wills…or a wedding hat for Camilla…. or a crocheted wedding tiara for HM ?