And The Award For Worst Blogger Goes To……


Sorry everyone, I really have lapsed in my blogging lately. Life has been a little hectic and stressful Chez Posh, and all my energy has been accounted for with other things. If I seem quieter than usual, well, I think I am quieter than usual right now. I do tweet most days though, so if you don’t already follow my Twitter stream, maybe you’d like it. I see Twitter as the blogging equivalent of when you lose your appetite, and you can only face little nibbly things.

I always feel rather guilty when I lapse in my blogging though. My favourite blogs are the ones that are regular and reliable; I tend to boot off bloggers that get haphazard. Bit mean, that. I hope you all have more patience than I do! But then even the great diarists of the past had gaps when they stopped writing their journals. I’m reading Joyce Grenfell’s diaries at the moment – no, wait a moment, they aren’t diaries, they are letters to her mother. Oh. But they read like diaries! I don’t know what it is about winter, but I do like a good fat volume of diaries or letters at this time of year. I prefer the more prosaic ones too, where they talk about what they had for dinner, and what the weather is like, and that the cat caught a fat mouse today, and haven’t the price of stockings gone up lately? I suppose I can relate to that better than eventful diaries. Maybe that’s why I like Twitter more lately, I feel like I can post about anything there, however dull or trivial, whereas writing a blog entry here feels like more of an event, and I have to have something special to say or to show you. Mind you, if I crack on with my knitting today, I will have something to show you, my lovely new sparkly sock, knitted from a sample skein of one of our new sparkle yarns. It’s so pretty. We will have both the sparkle yarns in the shop next week, the sock and the lace. Exciting stuff.

Anyway, I have a rotten cold this week, and I’ve lost my voice, and I have the world’s worst headache to boot, so I’m claiming today as a Sofa Day. After all, most of the rest of the country has ground to a halt with the snow, and just because we haven’t got any doesn’t seem enough of a reason not to join in. So I’m tucking myself up on the sofa with books and knitting and cats, and the fire is crackling merrily, and all is well. I hope all is well with you. Here’s a photo of my hard working hubby, while he was building the book shelves last week. Who could fail to be cheered by a grin like that?

3 thoughts on “And The Award For Worst Blogger Goes To……

  1. I’m quite jealous of my friends in Edinburgh, who’ve been having snow days from university. Unfair, I say! It’s just cold over here in my part of the States. So I heartily endorse your sofa day plans.

  2. What a great photo of a smiling Tony and your new book shelves!

    I completely agree with reading a fat volume of letters (they do read like a diary) as I have been reading a (albeit Danish edition) of some of the Letters of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Here also is the little descriptions of daily life in the 1700s including at some point a wonderful statement of “These modern times we life in!” And they would be as he was writing in his present it couldn’t get any more modern. There are also small greetings sent to the beloved family dog Fritzl when Mozart was away on his many travels.

    I really don’t think that a lack of blogging should in any way weigh on your mind. You do blog every week about the updates. Give yourself a nice long break from blogging if you need to and just enjoy time on the sofa curled up with books, knitting and obviously cute kitties!

  3. mmmm sparkles and tony’s sparkling smile.
    hope you’re feeling better dear dee.