Competition Time!

The lovely Laura of Fiber Dreams has designed two gorgeous new patterns using Posh Yarn. The patterns are for socks and mitts, and feature a pretty twisted stitch design. The patterns were worked up in Elinor & Jeannie, and the tight ply of these two yarns really helps the twisted stitches to pop. Here are some photos of the two designs:

Laura is looking for names for these patterns, two separate names, but that are linked to each other, or play off each other. She’s offering a free pattern as a prize, so get your thinking caps on! The patterns will be available soon, and we’ll try to coordinate with Laura so that we have a good selection of solid colourways in Elinor and Jeannie, suitable for the pattern. Maybe we’ll have a knitalong on the Posh Knitters Ravelry group – I know I definitely want to knit a pair of these socks!!!

So, what names would you give them?

28 thoughts on “Competition Time!

  1. For some reason – maybe because of Eleanor my wandering mind came up with Yoko for the socks and Ono for the mitts. Yoko Ono!!

  2. I love the patterns. I think the socks would work well for men or women so I suggest ‘Victor, Victoria’. And to go with that I was thinking about Albert, but then I remembered that the climbing rose outside my back door is called Albertine and that reminded me of the twisting patterns and the almost floral motif in the centre of the pattern.

    So socks, ‘Victor, Victoria’ and mitts, ‘Albert, Albertine’.

  3. The socks remind me of water, so they are Flow, and the gloves remind me of the ripples on a sandy beach after the water has gone, so they’re Ebb.

  4. The socks could be called Bloomsbury after the Bloomsbury group ( the socks could be worn by men or women and many of the group were bisexual!).
    The mitts could be called Sissinghurst after the garden created by Vita Sackville-West , a member of the Bloomsbury group.

    The patterns have a 1930’s feel to them and this is reflected in these names.

  5. “Caduceus” for the wristers

    For the socks – the top of the sock pattern looks like a candelabra … but the sock is more then just the caduceus – so maybe its “candelcus” 🙂

    Love these patterns!

  6. Carrying on the water theme how about High Water for the Mitts and Low Water for the socks or Hight Tide and Low Tide.

  7. Beautiful design! I immediately thought of Spring when I saw the colors. I like Spring Green Tips for the mitts & Spring Sky Toes for the socks.

  8. The pattern reminds me of the helical structure of DNA so they could be called D and A or even Crick and Watson!

  9. I must confess, when I first saw the pattern in the test-knits, my gut reaction was how much they reminded of jewelry chains, with a central chain having a flower-like motif. We all talk about how Jewel-toned Posh yarns are; and silly as I know it sounds, I immediately played a very old nursery rhyme in my head:

    Ride a cock-horse to Banbury Cross,
    To see a fine lady upon a white horse;
    Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes,
    And she shall have music wherever she goes.

    So even though you expressed a wish for separate, but related names; Banbury Cross just fits. Maybe Banbury Cross (for the mitts) & Banbury Cross Bells (for the socks)??

  10. maybe it’s because I’m trying to do some more family research on my grandmom’s elusive prussian family, but I’m getting a serious swiss/german vibe off these…

    for the gloves: alpenhorn
    for the socks: edelweiss

    whatever you call them, they’re seriously pretty!

  11. My suggestions are Brighid and Dagda. Brighid is an ancient celtic goddess and Dagda is her daughter.

  12. I’d name the fingerless gloves after the ballad “Barbara Allen” and the socks “Sweet William” in which a briar grows from her grave and a rose from his, until, at last, they grow together.

    – Denise (dlotter on ravelry & twitter)

  13. gosh they remind me of…DNA…the helix & all that – so Crick (gloves) and Watson (socks)


  14. These are lovely sets – Laura has done it again! The stitch patterns remind me of wild roses, twining & twisting their way along while remaining very elegant. I can also see the peak of a crown or women’s headwear from the 1500s – see where this is going.

    Two name sets come to mind for me – 1. Anne (the mitts) and Henry (the socks), or 2. Tudor (the socks) and Rose (the mitts).

  15. I am getting the Germanic feeling with the twisted stitches, so how about a fairy story pair; Hansel and Gretel?

  16. Love those twisty patterns! My suggestion for the socks is: Spiral Steps, and for the mitts: Loop de Loop.

  17. Oh, can I add another name idea? DH found an old (ok – ’70s) movie on HBO that is one we enjoyed when it was first released and I think the name would work well for this set. It’s Brother Sun – St. Francis of Assisi (socks), Sister Moon – Sister Clare (mitts).

    What can I say – St. Francis is the patron saint of animals and heaven knows I’m a animal lover.

  18. I have thought a lot about really good names for both the mitts and socks.
    Like so many here I was reminded of the DNA structure – or Helix.
    Then I went into ‘plant territory’ to investigate.
    Apparently some plants use helix-like tendrils to either crawl along the ground or higher up .

    So ground level, i.e. socks would be: Periwinkle and
    higher up, i.e. mitts would be: Morning Glory

    I do like a lot of the suggestions in here, a.o. the ones from StatenIslandSusan and Rose Dittmar.

    Then I have looked at ancient gods and goddesses as well. One is the goddess of water meadows and pasturelands the other is God of ‘forethought and crafty counsel’. So I would suggest:
    Eurynome for the mittens and
    Prometheus for the socks

  19. – funny how we all see some thing different, and maybe I was just writing to a friend about winter – in the blue I see ice and snow, and patterns in the ice and snow — so , I would say winter wonderland or keep warn hands and feet or ice queen and king— or maybe even ‘ice’ and ‘snow’

    – I get cold looking at them , but know they would keep me warm wearing them — lol

  20. My ideas for the names of glove and sock: “What Knot?” and “Why knot?” because of those glorious cables and twists and turns. I was reminded of a particular mess of yarn I had to untangle one time. Love the patterns and yes, they will be joining my immense queue sometime soon.