Tea Time

Ok, I’m starting a campaign to reinstate traditional afternoon tea. Who will join me? I’m not talking about a mug of coffee and a measly digestive biscuit, either. I’m talking good old fashioned teatime treats: crumpets, muffins, scones, buttered toast, fruit cake, and PROPER TEA (preferably brewed in a pot with a cosy!). Any time between 3 and 4pm, I’d say. Spread the word! Tell your friends! Autumn is the best possible time to reintroduce this cheering tradition. Extra brownie points if you have something really old fashioned, like gentleman’s relish sandwiches!!

(for those who want to know, here is a brief clarification of the difference between afternoon tea, and high tea)

5 thoughts on “Tea Time

  1. Er…LittleUrn, I think you’ll find this is what we normally do on our knitting days anyway, isn’t it? 🙂
    Although our last couple have been lacking somewhat … time to bring back the jam !!!

    Dee, will you have all the necessary accoutrements at Fibre Flurry? 😉

  2. I always make tea in a teapot and pop the cosy on.In fact I am thinking of making everyone teacosies for xmas !A group of us are going out for afternoon tea in Chester in a couple of weeks.We thought we might go to the poshest hotel but afternoon tea is £29.50 so we are going somewhere else,still in the centre but cheaper.

  3. I love teapots and tea cosies but I cannot drink tea – could I put my coffee in a pot and pretend. Apart from not liking tea I am all for reintroducing Afternoon Tea and I am more than happy to make tea for others (and bake cakes, make sandwiches etc . . . ) – I’m in!