Shop Update 26.09.10 – Part I

Sheesh, how can it be the end of September already?! Only 3 more updates until we go away, and there will be 3 Sundays without updates then, because the weekend we come back is Fibre Flurry. So the next update after we return will probably be November 7th. Eeek.

Anyway, here’s this weeks shop preview, and here’s the Flickr set. I haven’t gone through our stock thoroughly yet, but because our supplier had a warehouse fire this week, poor chap, and lost the majority of his stock, some of our yarn range will be in short supply (or none at all) for the next few weeks/months. So if you’ve a favourite yarn, I’d get it while you can. Not to scare you, or anything! We’ll be introducing some lovely new yarns in the meantime though, so you might find a new favourite. And there won’t be an overall yarn shortage, don’t worry.

So, here are some of my faves this week:

Miranda Cobweb Save The Last Dance

Miranda Cobweb Peerless Pool

Diana 2ply Blueberry Jam

Diana 2ply Harvest Is Over

Diana 2ply Sing With Me

Sylvia 2ply On Guard

Sylvia 2ply Babes In The Wood

Miranda 4ply Anything Goes (this week’s cover shot)

Miranda 4ply Lucky So-And-So

More picks tomorrow!

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