August Cashmere Club

The August cashmere club parcels went out yesterday, so they should be with you very soon. I wish I could tell you all more about the inspiration for the colourway, but I know that lots of you like the yarn to be a surprise, so I’ll just tell you that the name of the colourway is Midsummer Night’s Dream, and you can read more about it (if you want to) here. The yarn is Sophia 2ply, so most of the following pattern suggestions are lace, but I have included one for a pair of socks, you can just hold the yarn double.

As always, the skeins were dyed in pairs, so that you get as well matched a pair as possible, but due to the dyeing method we used, there may be a little bit more variation than you are accustomed to, so I would strongly advise everyone to alternate skeins throughout their project. So here are some pattern suggestions:

I hope you like this month’s yarn!!

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