Hot Or Not


  • This cast on for toe up socks. Yes, I caved, and cast on a new pair of socks from the handspun.
  • Following on from that, I have discovered how much easier it is knitting socks on 2 circs rather than on dpns. Exciting stuff!!!
  • The Knitter’s Mencap Hat Design competition. Give it a go!!
  • These gingersnap cookies. I make them for Tony, and the house smells wonderful all day after.
  • 7 For All Mankind jeans. I just got my first pair (a bargain from eBay!) and they are fabulous.
  • Bubble & squeak. We have a cabbage/potato glut, so its just as well that I could happily eat this every day!
  • Miss Buncle’s Book on audiobook. I’m listening to this today while I photograph this week’s yarn.


  • Back ache. I overdid it on my treadmill on Monday, and have had a sore back ever since. Not good.
  • Quinoa porridge. In a word – blech.

Wow, not many nots – must be a good week!!! 

3 thoughts on “Hot Or Not

  1. oooh dee where are the best instructions for knitting two socks on two circs?

  2. I found that cast on tutorial really clear, with the photos actually matching the instructions, unlike many I have seen. I am assuming that the ‘bamboo needle loops’ mentioned in Step 5 are actually the loops on the cable after knitting the cast on loops from one silver needle to the other, because it doesn’t mention dividing the loops between the silver and bamboo needles.
    The only problem, I have with this, and in fact this is mentioned by pone opf the people who have commented, is that when you do this what you actually have is a rectangular piece of knitting, so how do you make this into a toe? What do you do to it to make it part of the toe?
    Also, when I see patterns using this method, and they say Cast On using it, how many ‘rows’ do you knit before you have actually cast on fully, and then how to take it to the next part of the pattern? Is the cast on literally just the winding yarn around the two needles step, or do you have to do the next few steps…..oh it just seems so complicated and it is so much easier to do top down and make a nice decreased stitches toe with a graft!!