Here are my latest handspun efforts.

A cheerful 2ply fractal spun yarn, that I intend to make socks from. I had high hopes that this would be a sock weight, but after finishing the yarn, it plumped right up, and became a dk weight. ah well, the socks will knit up faster. The fibre is Corriedale, and was lovely to spin. I purchased it from Spindlefrog on Etsy. I’m dying to cast on some socks in this, to see how it stripes up when knitted. i got 450 yards from 160g of fibre.

And this is an aran weight single, that I deliberately spun quite rustic and slubby, which I intend to make a winter scarf from. This is spun from a batt, and I must confess, I don’t like spinning from batts. I bought it from FeltStudioUK on Etsy. I got 600 yards out of 325g of fibre.

I found it quite difficult to spin such a chunky low twist single, after getting used to spinning high twist fine yarns for plying. But the resulting yarn is soft and smooshy, which is what I wanted. I need to find the right pattern for it now. I have a lovely vintage brown tweed winter coat that will look just right with a scarf from this yarn.

4 thoughts on “Spin-ster

  1. Fractal is where you split your roving in half, length wise, you spin one half as it is, and the other half you split into smaller length wise strips, and spin. Then you ply the two togther. You get striping, but more subtle striping than normal.