Hot Or Not


  • Spinning! I forgot how much I love it, how soothing it is, how wonderful the smell of sheeps wool, how satisfying making yarn out of fluff.
  • Homegrown potatoes, made into potato salad, with a mustard mayo (vegan) dressing. Oh boy, so good. Who knew potatoes could be so tasty?
  • Knitting socks. I’ve suddenly become obsessed again. Why did I ever stop knitting socks?? Last Wednesday I started Spey Valley by Nancy Bush, for Tony. I’ve set myself a little challenge – I want to see if I can complete a pair of socks in one month. I know that will seem slow to some of you, but I am a slow knitter. So far I think I’m on track, I will turn the heel today, which I think marks the halfway point, don’t you?!
  • Beetroot burgers. These were so good, even though when you cut into them it looks like extremely raw beef, lol. I added a tin of beans to them too. Oh, and the beetroot was homegrown too!
  • Lovely photographs of people you miss, oh so much.


  • PMS. I’m having the PMS week from hell. And I thought I’d give Agnus Castus (Vitex) a try, and it made it ten times worse. So then I thought I’d try soy milk, and……
  • SOY. Ohmygoodness. That’s why I stopped having soy. My stomach was in bits.
  • Budgets. We decided that we would set a limit to our spending money each week, because we’ve been very naughty lately, and spent way too much money on frivolous things. Ack. I don’t like budgeting. I spent £10 over my limit on the very first day of it. Oooops, don’t tell Tony……….
  • Gluten free peanut butter cookies. I was so hoping these would go in the hot pile. But although the flavour is quite good, the texture is not pleasing – they are dry and sandy and make you feel like your mouth is the Sahara. Its not the recipe’s fault, it wasn’t designed for gluten free flour, and I should have compensated with extra liquid, I suppose. If anyone knows of a gluten free cookie recipe that is also vegan and uses agave nectar instead of sugar, please tell me!  

4 thoughts on “Hot Or Not

  1. Dee:
    B COMPLEX VITAMINS – THEY’RE MIRACULOUS. 100mg a day. Make sure it’s B complex (all the B vitamins). (whisper: you’ll pee more than usual, and it may be a little darker). I swear by this! (also good for sugar overdoses and gives you more energy).