Not Enough Hours In The Day

I’m sure that this post will strike a chord with most of you: too many projects, too little time. Sound familiar? Some days this gives me a glass half full feeling – yay, I will never run out of fun things to do! – and other days I get a glass half empty feeling – how am I ever going to complete all the projects I want to do??

I was poking around in my stash yesterday, thinking about how I really ought to photograph it and get it all listed on Ravelry, and I came across my fibre stash. Whooo-eeeee. I don’t have the time to knit all the things I want to, let alone to spin as well! How do other crafters do it? Do they allot a certain time period a day for each craft? Or do you pick a craft and stick with it?

I have been concentrating on a new pair of socks I started for Tony last week – I have a little mission, to finish both socks in a month (that’s fast for me!). But yesterday afternoon, I laid the sock aside, and pulled out my spinning wheel. I did about an hour, then had to stop because my right wrist was aching. I need to ease back into it! I was relieved to see that I haven’t forgotten the skills though, and I had no trouble in matching my spinning up with what was already on the bobbin. I think maybe I’ll try to spin for half an hour every afternoon, and save my knitting for the evenings.

Do you think I’ll get more done that way? I hope so! What’s your tricks for fitting it all in?

3 thoughts on “Not Enough Hours In The Day

  1. Hi Dee,
    I don´t call it “stash”. It´s my treasure trove with colourful and sparkling gems in it. It´s a simple pleasure to dive in and get submerged, to imagine all the beautiful things I could do with all the yarn/fibre/fabric. And some time later I even sometimes recombine my choices to different so-to-be projects…it´s a fantasy play. I have put myself under pressure for a long time to make projects ready, but I don´t do it any longer. Or let´s say, I do, when I have to make a gift ready for a special friend or my charity project. And yes, I´m proud as well, when I manage to finish a project…but the planning and making is the real fun !

    So, no tricks whatsoever. Just pick up what your mood tells you and let your creativity flow, it´s the right thing in the right time and it´s much more fun then !

  2. I’m finding that the Tour de Fleece is helping me spin a little, regularly each day – and it soon builds up!
    More than that – my crafting is my relaxation – so I do it as and when the mood takes me – I find I get stressed if I “have” to do something that’s meant to be about my pleasure and my time.

  3. I have to be in the mood for whatever i am doing.Sometimes I like the challenge of lace knitting and other times just knit fairly easy socks.Since i have been retired I thought I would have loads of time to craft but the time just goes on other interests,things I want to do.Crafting can be a lonely business and I like a good natter as well!One thing I do neglect is housework.If I don’t put my glasses on I can’t see the dust!I always have to knit or crochet while watching the TV.If any writing comes up like “3 days later” or “London 1956” my OH shouts it out.