When Life Hands You Lemons……

……. if you’re lucky, someone else will make you lemonade!!!

Look at this amazing shawl. Last week, the postman delivered a smart black box, and inside was the most stunning shawl, a zingy lime/lemon colour (in Maisie, colourway When Life Hands You lemons), circular in design (the pattern is Daffodils by Marianne Kinsel) and delicately beaded, just the most beautiful amazing shawl. It drapes perfectly over my shoulders, folded in half, its just the right size.

Me and Tony sat and gazed at it for a solid five minutes. I can’t tell you how touched I am that someone would gift something so precious to me.

Did I tell you how much I adore my customers???


4 thoughts on “When Life Hands You Lemons……

  1. Wow – you do have the best, cleverest, most talented and fabulous customers, knitters really are lovely people.

  2. we love you for enabling us!! you deserve that shawl, five times over.