Now that the house is pretty much finished, we’ve started turning our attention to the garden. And boy, does it need attention. We only have a front garden, about 90 feet long, laid out as lawns at the moment. Tony has started a kitchen garden in part of the garden, growing lots of different fruit and vegetables and herbs. I’m more interested in the ornamental side of the garden. We have a wonderful growing climate in Pembrokeshire, mild, plenty of rain, very few frosts in winter (and rarely snow). Being right on the West coast of Britain, we get the very most of the Gulf Stream. Palm trees grow in many of the gardens around us.

So we’ve decided that as well as growing traditional cottage garden plants, we’d like to introduce a touch of the exotic into our garden, and to get some inspiration we took a trip to the National Botanic Garden of Wales last week. They have every kind of garden you can imagine there, but we were really interested in the section that had plants from around the world, in a giant glasshouse dome.

Walking from the entrance up to the glasshouse, everything looks like a traditional British garden, with spring bulbs and bare trees. But inside, what a contrast!!! Plants, trees, flowers, bushes, from every part of the world, in one glorious jumble of colour and scent. Look! (If you want to see full size pictures, the Flickr set is here.)

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