April Cashmere Club

Is it just me, or did that winter zip by?!? Spring is now officially here, and the gardens are waking up and blossoming. One of my favourite Spring flowers inspired April’s Cashmere Club colourway. I won’t give too much away, because I know that lots of you love to have a surprise. But I’ve called this colourway “Tulip Time”, because I think it perfectly captures the prettiness of these flowers. The yarn is Eva 4ply, and as before, we dyed the yarn and twisted it into double skeins, so your two 55g skeins are twisted into 1 big one, to try to ensure that the skeins match well. So don’t worry if you open your parcel and see only 1 skein!

Here are some of the patterns I think would work really well with April’s yarn:

The yarn is being sent out today, so it should be with you very soon! I hope you love it, and that it brings Springtime to you, wherever you are.

3 thoughts on “April Cashmere Club

  1. It sounds all just wonderful and I am getting really jealous as I did not attempt to get a spot/place in the Cashmere Club this year.

    I have just looked at some of the pattern suggestions and they look wonderful.

    So here’s hoping that there might be a sock club next year. If there is then I will have to set money aside for the 2011 club!