Oldies but Goodies

You would be forgiven for thinking that I gave up knitting a while ago. I haven’t, honestly! Its just I never seem to have anything finished to show you. All my current projects are long haul projects, and in progress shots seem a little dull. I did get very excited about a little project I was knitting last week, a baby cardigan in Daisy 4ply Sampler. It was the wraplan cardigan, and I was knitting two of them (you can get two baby cardigans out of 1 skein of sock yarn) for a friend who was expecting twins last week. I finished the first one, all but sewing in the ends and putting on the buttons, and started the second. And then I found out that she’d had twin boys. I don’t know why I thought she was having girls. Sigh. So I do have a finished project, but I havent the heart to show you. Is anyone reading this having a baby girl?!!

I had a good sort through my projects recently, frogged some, gave another away (the plum baby cables sweater, which was far too big, but I couldnt face frogging), and determined to finish some others that have been lingering on for far too long. Top of that list is Tony’s Cobblestone. I was surprised to see how far I’d come with that – both sleeves done, and the body done halfway up to the armholes. So I’ve been plugging away at that. Also my Mystic Waters shawl, which is about 60% done. Each row takes about 30 minutes, so its not something I can pick up and put down, but I’m trying to do a row or two every day. I’d forgotten how much fun lace is. Its absolutely huge already though – I think it will be down to my knees by the time I’m done!

I’ve got all excited again about my knitting projects – I’m planning another knit for Tony after I finish Cobblestone. Spring is here, and this is the time of year when all sorts of other distractions take up our time (a vegetable garden, for one thing, but more on that another day!). But I’ve had a knitting revival. And it feels good.

2 thoughts on “Oldies but Goodies

  1. I think that it’s just wonderful that you are back with your knitting again. I am sure that we are many who have those projects that either takes for ages or that we cannot get finished (like not being fond of “sewing in ends” etc). And you also run Posh Yarn! I am certain that the little baby girl cardi is perfectly wonderful – perhaps you could show it. Then that way you might hear from someone expecting a baby girl …!