Shop Update 14.02.10 – Part III

We’re trying an experiment this week, in response to some requests from customers. Some of the yarn, instead of being sold in individual skeins, is being sold in sweater packs – 7 x 100g skeins, closely matched in colour. I say closely matched as a warning, as with any hand dyed yarn you really need to knit this up alternating the skeins, because no matter how well matched the yarn looks in the skein, when you get to the end of one skein and start another, you may well get a stripe of colour.

Lulu Dream Come True (sold in a sweater pack of 7 skeins)

Lulu Hunkydory

Sylvia Aran Better To Have Loved & Lost

Sylvia Aran Pique

Elinor Aran Long Shadows

Elinor Aran Tribute

The shop preview is up, and the update goes live as always at 7pm on Sunday. See you then!

2 thoughts on “Shop Update 14.02.10 – Part III

  1. Hi Annalou

    It is, but we always have to dye extra skeins as spares, in case yarn gets lost in the post, or there’s any problem with it during the dye process. These are the spare skeins.

    Dee. xx