Mitten Pattern, and Change

Do you remember the Winter Cottage mittens? I’ve just made the pattern available to everyone, and it’s free! The Ravelry link is here, and the pattern is here.

On a completely unrelated topic, I don’t know about you, but I don’t like change. I mean, I really don’t like it. I resist it with every fibre of my being. Old, goooood. New, baddddd. It drives Tony crazy. He is one of those people who embrace change, actively seek it out. he is constantly looking for newer, better ways to do things, innovations, adjustments, inventions. While he creates the new, I cling tearfully to the old.

As an example, my laptop has been on its last croak for about a year now. When your entire life is dependent on the Internet, a reliable, fast computer is essential. So, about 7 months ago, we went out and bought a new laptop. You may have heard me mention it. It was new and shiny and superbly fast. I loved it. And so, I couldn’t bring myself to use it. I used it only for the yarn photographs, using the old laptop for everything else. I had to tread on eggshells with it, especially on the Sunday updates, when everything moves fast and I have to have several programmes running. My poor old laptop could barely cope with Internet Explorer, let alone a whole bunch of programmes. And, to add insult to injury, it went through charger cables at about one every 3 months, for some reason.

So last weekend, I came to a momentous decision. After months of Tony nagging me to use the new laptop, and rolling his eyes at me every time I complained about the old laptop’s slowness and habit of freezing and crashing at the worst possible moments. I would make the change over.

Don’t tell Tony this, but why did I wait so long??? It’s bliss working on the new laptop (even though the shortcut keys are all in different places, which is still throwing me off).

Maybe change isn’t so bad after all.


2 thoughts on “Mitten Pattern, and Change

  1. What a coincidence – I just cast on for these mittens yesterday! I’ve never done proper colourwork before, so I’m enjoying this.

    I dislike change intensely as well. I should have moved out of our two bed flat years ago, and got a bigger house to fit all of our and our kids’ stuff in, but the thought of all that upheaval puts me right off. I’d rather stay cramped!