Well, I had a big week planned, lots to do, lots to show, lots to tell you about. But it turns out I have a severe chest infection. So I have a hefty dose of antibiotics to take,and the hope that I might feel better in a few days if I rest up and let my lungs heal. At the moment, I sound like – in the words of my doctor – a 20 a day girl. Which I can assure you I am not, nor have ever been! So, I’ll be laying low for a couple of days, but there’ll still be an update this Sunday, as my dear friend and assistant Emma has already done most of the work for it. The previews might just be a little late, as I have to do the photographs myself.

In the meantime, here are some snaps of the bathroom (and here are some eeeek before shots, well during, actually!), quickly taken last night. I will try to do some better ones soon, to try to capture the posh glossiness of these fabulous makeover!!! 

7 thoughts on “Ick

  1. Dee and Tony, That bathroom is so posh! It looks like a magazine layout. I’m really looking forward to seeing the kitchen photos, too!