Cabin Fever

Oh, the snow. The snow, the snow, the snow. What with the icy roads, being ill for a week, and a broken down car, I haven’t been out of the house for what feels like forever. I was just about ready to chew my own arm off on Saturday night. I was fed-up of knitting, fed-up of reading, fed-up of TV. So on Sunday morning, I got out my spinning wheel and the brightest braid of fibre in my stash, and did a little spinning. Instant cheer!

So, what are your secrets for combatting cabin fever? 

3 thoughts on “Cabin Fever

  1. I wish I knew! I’m agoraphobic, so I’m in on my own most of the time, I get by with varying my knitting projects and Ravelry. But my husband has managed to get the Hamdemic, and whilst he’s now over the feverish sick stage, he’s still confined for a week. He’s currently trying to beat his own record on Wii Archery, but is already looking a little bored. Any tips would be welcome here too

  2. I actually tried to get to work today – frightened myself silly skidding all over the roads, ended up tuning round and going home again.

    Cabin fever has been helped by some bracing walks wearing everything I own and snow clearing the driveway. However if you’re not well a new or different craft deffinatley helps – I’ve just sewed a sweet little skirt in grey wool felt. I found this website inspiring :

  3. Spinning is a great way to beat the snow, think I would have gone mad without my wheel. I can’t get out, the snow is too deep to push my wheelchair and the roads are all iced up even if I could clear the snow off the car…………. roll on summer!