The Ugly…..

So, this was the plan. I would go away with my friends, for 10 days. While I was gone, Tony would completely gut the bathroom, and put in everything new. It was only a tiny room, he would have help, it would take 4 days, tops (that was his opinion). It was only a tiny room, he would have help, but based on painful recollections of the bedroom and kitchen projects (still both unfinished, mind you!) I suspected it might take longer than the 10 days.

Now who do you think was right?!

That bathroom bugged me from the day we moved into the house. It was tiny and dingy, with the smallest window looking out onto the ugliest part of the back yard. A previous tenant had had the delightful idea of painting the walls a deep azure blue, which really brought out the chilly aspect of the room, which never got any sunshine. The suite was old and ugly. The floor was old and ugly. IT HAD TO GO. 



Tony took these before photos part way into the project. I only wish I had some after shots to show you – but the bathroom is still not finished. It’s getting there! It’s better than it was when I got home from the airport! But it’s still a ways from being done.

But even unfinished, it looks fabulous. You’d never think it was the same room. The old suite has been ripped out, and a new posh one put in its place. The window has been boarded up, and two roof windows installed. The walls have been panelled, the slate flooring laid. It’s almost to posh to wash in. I can’t wait to show you it finished! Tony says next week sometime, so I’m thinking around August, maybe???

3 thoughts on “The Ugly…..

  1. My kitchen is still unfinished 3 and a half years after DH started it! I hope your bathroom is quicker than that 🙂