The Good…..

  • Seeing real snowflakes for the first time – yes, we get the occasional snowfall here (ironically, we had some as soon as we got home!) but our snowflakes are small and blobby, and – now this is a little embarrassing – I always thought that the snowflake shape that you see in pictures was only apparent under a microscope or something….. ! So when I saw all these beautiful little stars appearing on my scarf, I was amazed. They were so beautiful!!!
  • Eating – and drinking! – at Mexican restaurants. I adore Mexican food, and it was so easy to order my kind of food (vegan and gluten free). And I discovered the joys of a really good margarita (or two). I’ve come home with a serious Mexican addiction.
  • Antiqueing. (Is that how that’s spelled?) We fell upon this antiques mall, all these fabulous little stalls under one roof. I just about died of joy. I’ve never seen so many things that I wanted, but alas, my suitcase was already stuffed so full that I could only take home a few things (I’ll show you them when I show you the bathroom photos). One day I’m going to go back to the US without any luggage, and antique hunt to my heart’s content.
  • Getting to know my already very good friends even better. I think you don’t really know people until you a) live with them or b) travel with them. But my travelling buddies could not have been more fabulous to be with, and I’m missing them all madly now that I’m back home.
  • Being celeb-spotted in a Chicago yarn store. Ok, ok, we weren’t exactly spotted, I had to drop the Posh Yarn name first, but they had heard of us, and that made me feel like a celeb!
  • Shopping in Anthropologie. Sigh. It was like a little piece of heaven on earth. I went back 3, or was it 4 times?
  • Grocery shopping. Yes, really. There are some really funny things in US grocery stores (no offense, US readers, I’m sure some of our food would make you laugh too!). Pickled brussel sprouts…… hot pink pickled eggs…… spray cheese, called Party Cheese…… a drink called Diet Squirt…….
  • Discovering a series of children’s classic books that I’d never even heard of before.
  • Listening to live music at a fun Chicago piano bar.
  • The moment when I saw Tony, waiting for me at the arrivals gate in Heathrow. More on that tomorrow…….  

2 thoughts on “The Good…..

  1. I hear you on the Mexican food thing – getting an awesome burrito in a blink is a thing of the past now that I’m in living down under. Being in Thailand right now is at least giving me my hot fix – a chili is a chili all around the world!

  2. Brrrrr you look COLD! But happy. Sounds like a fabulous trip, I’m jealous – especially on the Anthropologie part…