Shop Update 13.12.09 – Part I

I’m so thrilled that we’ve got our gorgeous new cashmere yarns in time for the last sale of the year – I wanted to go out with a bang! And the new yarns are just beautiful, so luxurious, and so cleverly spun and plied. The 2ply lace weight is very soft and lofty and cloudlike, and will make the lightest warmest shawls and scarves and wraps. The 4ply sock weight is more tightly plied, and has a soft smooth handle. It will give terrific stitch definition and a very drapey fabric. I couldnt be more delighted with them. The details are:

Greta 2ply – 440 yards (400m) per 50g skein, £12.00, pure cashmere.

Greta 4ply – 220 yards (200m) per 50g skein, £12.00, pure cashmere.

So, without further ado, here are some of my faves!

Greta 2ply Nobility

Greta 2ply Sunburst

Greta 2ply Prowl

Greta 2ply Moonrise

Greta 2ply Brown Eyed Boy

Greta 2ply Saucy

Greta 2ply Vespers

Miranda Squire

Sylvia 2ply Satisfaction

More favourites tomorrow!

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