2010 Decisions

Can you believe that 2009 is almost over? I don’t know about you, but that year just went by in a blink. Next Sunday’s sale is our last shop update of the year, I’ll be closing down for the holidays from next week. (Don’t worry, we’re sending you out with a particularly splendid sale, including some of our delicious new cashmere yarns!).

I’ve been looking back over my knitting accomplishments through the year, and I’m a little disappointed. I’ve hardly finished anything, especially when you weigh it against the number of started projects. So, you know how they say you should do a wardrobe cull every year, and give away (or throw away) everything you haven’t worn in the last year? Well I applied that rule to my knitting projects. I assessed them all honestly, decided which ones I was never going to finish, and then either frogged them, or gave them away to friends and family to finish. That included the Noro blanket (so boring!), the scrap comfort shawl (which has been gathering dust for 3 years!), and the fair isle sweater (which turned out to be 12″ bigger on the bust than I actually needed, ahem).

That’s left me with just 4 works in progress: Tony’s Cobblestone, my cable sweater, mystic waters shawl (which I picked back up this weekend), and the handspun gift shawl. Now, here’s the real kicker. I have promised myself that in 2010, I’m going to practise a bit more monogamy in my knitting. I’m only going to allow myself to have TWO projects on the go at one time. One easy one, for tv knitting, and one challenging on.




Which means that I’ve got to finish 3 out of these 4 projects before I can even think about casting on anything new. Can I do it? Yes, I can!!! I just really hope that this method will bring a bit more productivity into my knitting.

So, when you look back on your knitting from 2009, what are you proud of, and what do you want to change for 2010? 

13 thoughts on “2010 Decisions

  1. I think I’m proud of managing to do any knitting at all, considering. (Baby. Quite the time sucker.) But I’d definitely like to do more actual finishing next year. Yes.

  2. This year was supposed to be the year of selfish knitting and working on projects for me that have been laguishing on the needles for far too long. Alas, people kept having babies that needed knitting for and people kept having birthdays that needed knitting for. Looking at my Ravelry projects it appears that I’ve finished 13 things this year. Wow. I hope to add two Cousteau hats to that as well as whatever gets knitting on my upcoming holiday in the snow (probably socks). Of those 13 only 7 were for other people, which is an improvement on last year. I think a 50% compliance with New Year’s resolutions is good enough :P.

    For next year I will finish those things that are OTN: my giant aran jacket, my man’s jersey (which is so damn boring but just needs sleeves), a couple of lace scarves and some things for small people. Also to make a serious dent in my stash of luxury yarns (so that I can get more :P).

  3. I’m really proud of entering Sock Madness having only knitted 2 pairs of socks previously and still making it through to round 5. And I’m also proud that I have nearly finished my first adult garment (a cardigan) in years. Oh, and also, I have tackled lace knitting for the first time! I have a lovely Ishbel shawl, though my second attempt at a lace shawl had to be ripped out and is not going to be restarted.

    Next year I would like to stop buying yarn that I don’t have a project in mind for. I have already begun this by buying 5 skeins of Elinor Aran for a tank top I want to make.

  4. I confess, I am a bad finisher, too, What motivated me to finish something, was charity. I joined a group caring for homeless sighthounds and we needed something to sell on the annual summer meeting, so I did my best (together with my almost 95-year old Gran Marie), and we did 28 pairs of socks, 6 hats, 4 scarves ,1 pair baby booties and almost 30 hanks of hand-dyed yarn as well. We sold almost everything and did promise to repeat the whole thing in 2010.
    However, this leaves me on counting finished knitting projects for myself : NONE. Which makes me eager to grab a whole batch of the new aran hanks in the Posh Sunday frenzy sale. Useless, so far, you know ;-((. It must have been Ros, who always was quicker than me…yes, please, stop buying this yarn- leave it for ME !!! And keep your hands off the new promised cashmere, please !

  5. i only have one unfinished that is over 6 months old – quite an accomplishment given that my husband had surgery, chemo, radiation and passed away this past summer. in fact, the knitting was my salvation!
    biggest regret: i don’t get to knit enough for myself
    second biggest regret: (NOT) my stash is so huge that it’s ridiculous.
    and of course dee i will want all the cashmere next week!

  6. whoops i forgot:
    biggest ACCOMPLISHMENT: a huge wrap for my daughter in COBWEB. never again!

  7. I LOVED that noro baby blanket. Please say it wasn’t frogged and that someone’s finishing it for you. As to only 2 projects at a time, I have gone faint at the very thought of it. Only 2? Excuse me while I reach for the smelling salts.

  8. 12 inches too big?!! 😉 I think you made the right decision on that one.

    I’m quite proud that I’ve ignored the constant mickey-taking from ALL of my friends and family whenever it gets mentioned that I’ve been knitting. Also proud that having started knitting a year ago, I’m still loving it and still learning new things with every little project I do. And even quite proud that, despite all the mickey-taking, I have knitted things for lots of my family. I tell them that they’re very welcome to stick them in a drawer and never bother with them, just don’t tell me about it! LOL

  9. I think I could live with just three projects at one time. But I would exclude socks, mittens and hats from the count as they sort of just fill in the gaps between the long hauls that sweaters, blankets and lace projects need.

  10. I was laughing over the ‘only two projects’–the futility of it! But really when I think about it, two projects is about the average number my brain can handle at once. I *think* I’m working on more at one time, but in reality mostly there are only two on which I make progress during a given time period.

  11. Up until this year, it’s been pretty much easy socks and scarves, and I got a little bored. So I stepped out of my comfort zone, and taught myself color work and completed Alice Starmore’s wee baby bonnet for my first grandchild due in April. I also have completed some scarves in patterns I’ve seen on Ravelry, and right now I’m learning and knitting the BSJ for that new baby.So I’m proud that I’ve been bold and gone where I never dared to go before. And this is only the beginning! I’m having so much fun! And with the Cashmere Club just around the corner, I know knitting in 2010 is going to be a blast.

  12. I’m most proud that my boyfriend’s mum, upon looking at the log cabin-esque baby blanket I’m working on, asked if I could show her how to pick up stitches so nicely. Nothing like having a longtime knitter request a tutorial to make me feel like I’ve really made progress on my knitting skills!

    As for regrets…I miss all my stateside yarn and pattern books but it simply couldn’t be brought to NZ in one go. For 2010 this will actually work well – when I visit my mum and cats in the US I can simply sit and knit and enjoy all the yarn that’s there (and bring back whatever doesn’t get completed!).

  13. I can’t just have one thing on the go because it depends what kind of mood I’m in and whether i am watching TV.At the moment Ihave on the go….

    A lace shawl which was intended for when we went away at Xmas but we are not going now because I am having a knee op on Dec 16th and will be on crutches for 6 weeks.

    A lace scarf for my daughter for xmas

    A beret.That should be fairly quick.

    two pairs of socks.I am in 2 sock clubs.

    And I have signed up for a Mystery Blanket Club for 2010

    BUT 6 weeks on crutches means lots of knitting time.

    What was that about cashmere on Sunday.Must have some of that,my favourite!!