Competition Time!

It occurred to me that it’s been quite a while since we had a Posh Yarn competition! So, since we have two scrumptious new yarns about to be launched, now seems like the perfect opportunity. Oh, I can’t wait for you to see (and squeeze) the new yarns. They are AMAZING. Seriously. It’s been a long time since I was this excited about a yarn!!!!!

Anyway. The winner will get a £25 gift voucher to spend on the yarn of their choice! All you have to do to enter is this: leave a comment on this post, answering the following question:

What is your favourite winter comfort food?

One entry per person only, please! I’ll choose a winner at random, and announce them on Friday. We’re going to work like crazy this week to get some of this aran ready for this Sunday’s update, but I probably won’t have a preview of it ready until Saturday. It’s worth waiting for though!!!

Oh, and my favourite winter comfort food? Rice pudding. WITH the skin on. Lol.

199 thoughts on “Competition Time!

  1. Special hot chocolate: very dark chocolate melted with a little milk, a suggestion of brandy and a swirl of cream on top. To be taken as often as required, preferably in front of a log fire.

  2. It’s got to be proper home made mashed potato with really good cheese grated in, and maybe some caramelised onion.

  3. I’m with Heather – I too like a lovely mash, but top comfort food for me has to be toad in the hole with caramelised onion gravy – delish! It’s pretty difficult to beat Nigel Slater’s version in Real Food.

  4. Definitely a casserole. Preferably a tomato based one, with butternut squash and butter beans and big chunks of caramelised onion and possibly some chunks of sausage, maybe even chorizo.
    Served with a big chunk of warm baguette smothered in butter. Heaven.

  5. Shoulder of lamb, taken off the bone and chopped into cubes, diced carrots, onions and celery, stock, pearl barley (vital), bouquet garni, all thrown into the slow cooker without pre-cooking, including the bone, just covered with water to make up, then left on low for 24 hours. 45 minutes before serving, make dumplings with SR flour, suet, salt, water and mint, dunk in the juice, replace lid and cook. Yummy – that’s how DH knows it’s winter!

  6. Favourite winter food – toast with butter- 2 thick slices of white bloomer buttered with the proper stuff when really hot. And for a sweet treat, sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. Mmmm

  7. Home made soup with a crusty roll. Doesn’t matter what version soup as long as it’s thick, warming and tasty….my mouth is watering as I type.

  8. I’m with the mashed potato crowd here. There are so many thing you can do with it, all of which are comforting. Just plain mashed (I use a potato ricer so that there are no lumps), with garlic (boil a bulb of garlic along with potatoes and then mash, mmmm), or with lashings of butter or with cheese. Then you can use leftovers to make shepards pie………

  9. For me, winter comfort food is my favourite homemade pumpkin/potato/carrot &lentil soup, blended and with a large spoon of Greek style organic yoghurt added at the end for extra creaminess. You can add a handful of freshly chopped parsley, or coriander, if you like it “exotic”, and in this case you may want to substitute the yoghurt with some coconut milk and a sprinkle of chilli powder. Serve with a thick slice of freshly baked wholemeal bread and bon appetit!

  10. ooooh winter makes me become a carnivore – dee, don’t disqualify me now that you have become a vegan! short ribs braised oh so slowly with red wine and every winter vegetable imaginable. and of course to be served with those garlic mashed potatoes

  11. I’m in the home-made soup clan. Mine’s a thick veggie variety, using parsnips, sweet potatoe (for thickening as well as flavour), leeks, onion, butternut squash, and veg. stock. All sweated in olive oil, then slow cooked, and blended until smooth. Served with a swirl of cream, or creme-fraiche. A must-have to go with it is a slice of home-made spelt and wholemeal bread with a swipe of butter.

    Best of all is to eat it curled on the sofa in front of a log fire, with the lamps lit, listening to the radio when the rain and wind is howling outside the house.

  12. There are so many things. Last night’s beef daube would come high on the list, but I think, for me, comfort takes me back to childhood and childhood takes me to toad in the hole. I use a variation on a Nigel Slater recipe and it makes the lightest, fluffiest yorkshire surrounding the sausages. I don’t follow entirely, because I’m not a fan of mustard (too grown up for toad in the hole), and I’ll do it with or without his bacon too. I always use Lincolnshire sausages, because I love the mix of herbs they have.

    Winter is also the time for good puddings. Bring on the custard! I like pretty much anything you can throw hot custard at, but for ultimate comfort, a suet pudding with sultanas and syrup is perfect. I’ll admit to being a terrible cheat, and making my pud in the microwave, rather than steaming it as I should, but it still tastes delicious.

    In fact, I think suet pudding could well be on the menu for tonight!

  13. Another one in the slow cooker lamb stew camp here! In fact, I made just that very thing at the weekend – lamb, carrots, leeks, pearl barley and veg stock chucked in the slow cooker with a bit of dried mint. Diced potatoes added towards the end of the cooking time, so that they’re just done when it’s time to serve. No suet in the house, so no dumplings 🙁 , though it was still jolly yummy even without them…

  14. Toasted crumpets (got to be plural) spread with slightly salted butter.

    To be eaten after a muddy, rainy, blowy, leafy walk.

  15. mine is my own home made Chicken Broth which is exactly the same as my Mother’s Broth so it comforts on two levels, it’s tasty and warming probably quite good for me and it also takes me right back to my childhood – in a good way 😉

  16. My favourite is sticky toffee pudding with cream. I love this because I never was very keen on xmas pudding so Mum would always make me a sticky toffee pud instead. I now feel all warm and homely when I have it. Yum, thanks Dee, now I’m hungry. Lol.

  17. Mmm, winter is definitely warm food time. I like a good potjiekos (Afrikaans, a kind of stew/casserole cooked in a cast-iron pot over a fire or on my gas stove). You can make it with anything, the trick is not to stir it or it will go all mushy. My husband loves a good cottage pie, made with vegetarian or ostrich mince and a cheesy mash topping. And bread pudding or a good sago and custard for afterwards.

    Although, my favorite favorite winter comfort food has to be cuddles on the couch under a blankie watching Dr Who or Star Trek, with a side order of cats-on-laps.

  18. A welsh dish taught me by my friend Anne with added tweak from me:)
    layer sliced potatoes sliced onions sliced leeks and sliced carrots in a dish. Add vegetable stock to almost cover. Add slices of belly pork to top and 4 or 5 fresh sage leaves. Season with salt and pepper. Cover and bake in oven 200c for around an hour. Take lid off and cook further 15 minutes to crisp belly pork.
    Top potatoes crispy, meat cripsy rest meltingly soft:)
    Cheap and cheerful and warming on cold winter day

  19. Home made vegetable stew, without a doubt. Made with stock and whatever veg I have to hand, in the largest pan we’ve got, and with home made bread as an accompaniement. Especially nice if I’ve been organised enough to grow things and have plenty of lovely fresh leeks and tasty Swiss Chard to throw in there.

    Plus, make double the amount you really need, rustle up some pastry, and you have a really easy pie for day two 🙂

  20. It has to be Hagen Daaz Dulce du Leche which is my all time favourite comfort food whatever the season, whatever the weather. Second place is Turkey-a-leekie Christmas dinner leftovers soup.

  21. Cake! Preferably a sticky pear and ginger cake. The recipe came from a winter cooking course my husband attended and consists of lots of butter, muscovado sugar, mollasses, stem ginger in syrup and pears. It’s delicious served as a pudding, warm with custard but I prefer it cold the next day when the stickiness has had time to develop. A 4 o’clock piece of cake and cup of tea, sitting snuggled on the sofa with the wood burning stove lit gives me great pleasure on these dull, damp November afternoons. mmmm I think I feel a cake baking session is in order! On a savour front I’m a great fan of Nigel Slater’s recipes for stews and sausages.

  22. Lovely thick soups made with good stock and lots of organic veggies…whatever is left over in my box at the end of the week; with homebaked bread and cheese.

  23. Lebkuchen. The special variant my mother has done and I am doing now, baked with malt beer and chocolate and lots of nice stuff.
    ok, once we are firmly in January, maybe I’d go for some stew as well.

  24. My mum’s beef stew, without a doubt! She browns good beef in a little flour and some salt and pepper, then adds a tasty beef stock, potatoes, carrots and onions. Then she cooks it down until the potatoes start to dissolve and turn it into the kind of stew where your spoon stands upright in it!

    I’ve never been able to master it, though it’s a simple enough dish, so whenever I visit mum I always beg her to make a batch for me.

  25. Dublin Coddle – Bacon, Sausages, Potatoes, Soup Mi(Barley), Onions, Carrots. Yum yum the best thing in the world

  26. Mmmm, winter comfort food . . . . Mine has to be pasta casseroles. I’ve got two or three variations of these under my belt, but the basic recipe goes: Pasta, meat/fish, veg, sauce, sometimes cheese. Throw all in casserole dish, mix together, brown in oven. Easy and so so good! The crispy noodles at the top of the casserole are so much better than just normal pasta (I can’t explain it, but it’s true), and the time in the oven really lets the flavors come together. Now I’m hungry! When’s lunch?

  27. Crème brûlée. Cheese cake straight from the oven. With a Snowball drink (Advocaat (egg nog) with sparkling lemonade or Sprite). I was told that it was a favourite drink of old English ladies for Christmas. And believe it or not, nothing tastes better at this time of the year. If you are really hungry and it is cold outside, then good lasagne is always the best.

  28. winter comfort food? Well, living in Switzerland this would be one of the meals I take when skiing – croûte au fromage – consits in a thick slice of rye bread with cooked ham and LOADS of great alpage cheese gratiné in the oven – served with a side salad and pickles you can add a pan fried egg to the croûte, if you like!

    What was that sudden sound?
    *oops, my tummy – need to have lunch right now* ;D

  29. Home made pumpkin soup, with loads of cream in it, served with fresh crusty bread and a mug of warm cider or mulled wine. Has to be eaten as soon as it’s made, in front of an open fire with some soothing music playing the background…..

  30. Well, it would have to be porridge for breakfast, made with water and drizzled with honey and cream, slooow-cooked veggie casserole with fluffy dumplings if I was thinking about lunch, and oh Dee, I’m soo with you on the rice pudding, (skin for me too – we’d have to share nicely 😉 for supper. And a decent pint of proper beer from a wood cask in a warm and cheery pub is the perfect reward after a cold, wet winter walk. Every seaon has its joys doesn’t it?

  31. Chunky Bean Soup – one of Cranks all time favourites and absolutely fab with a warm homemade wholemeal roll. This is what I make if I am feeling at all down and need lift.

  32. Now I’m hungry! For me, thick winter soups, especially Dutch pea soup with ham in it. Yum. And some crusty wholemeal bread on the side. Mmmm.
    And for dessert – any variety of crumble with oats and almonds in the topping. Yummm!

  33. I was faced with just such a need for winter comfort food during a dready dank day yesterday. So I got baking and made a mincemeat and marzipan tea loaf. All the tastes of Christmas, even if you are not quite ready for mincepies. It keeps really well too, so you can indulge yourself over a couple of days. It can also be lightly toasted and spread with butter. I added a little of my homemade damson gin to the mincemeat, a real winter warner in itself.

  34. Venison stew, with red wine, rowan jelly and mash. Served with fine conversation and to the death Scrabble duels by my lovely friends next door, with the odd live jazz piano riff thrown in. Happy sigh.

  35. The words “comfort food” trigger just one idea in my head – Macaroni Cheese (heavy on the cheese, please) grilled to a bubbling toasty brown on top

    Baked Apples with lots of dried fruit, butter and spice in the middle, and a real custard sauce on top for pud.

  36. lamb shanks slow cooked in red wine with heaps of veggies and a side order of mashed potato


  37. Hmm, healthy winter comfort food, I’d have to say carrot and beetroot pie, with a cauliflower and millet mash instead of potatoes. For more of a treat comfort food it has to be risotto, either mushroom or butternut squash.

    Sweet foods: banana slices and warm custard, or hot chocolate sponge (maybe with chocolate sauce) and proper vanilla ice-cream.

  38. That’s easy: peas! And easy too cook as well, and you can even try a vegan modification,
    Just put some chopped onion, chopped carrots, a bit of garlic, salt and chili (if you like that) and cook on a bit of olive oil. (I also join some traditional meat sausage). Then add some chopped tomato (it can be canned, if you don’t have fresh) and let cook. Join a can of cooked peas – if you don’t have enough sauce, add a bit of water or white wine). If you’re not cooking a vegan version, finish with a egg per person et voilá!

  39. winter comfort food for me is pudding , cakes, christmas cookies, Lebkuchen and all the other sweets, which are heavy and have lots of calories!!!

  40. I have a few but for a savoury Cawl has to be it, with dumplings suet or the Norfolk floaters.

    For a sweet either rice pudding or steamed pud and custard.

    It was hard to narrow it down to be honest!

  41. French toast made with brioche, with stewed apple and rhubarb, and maple syrup … and a scoop of mascarpone 🙂

  42. For me it has to be spaghetti bolognese, made the way my Nanna taught me to, on the hob from at least 11am before eating in the evening, with parmesan grated on the top. And for afters, home made jam roly poly, using jam made from our garden raspberries, topped off with thick, creamy home made custard, with the steam rising off it.

  43. Beef stew and dumplings ( as made by the other half’s mum ) followed by rice pudding with rosehip syrup. I love rosehip syrup for it’s pretty colour and it’s delicate flavour

  44. Butternut squash Rissotto – always makes me feel warm and comforted and I love it when I get them in my veg box. You can always add a few other veggies or I add the last bits of chickeny goodness (ala Hugh F-W). Yesterday was definatly winter risotto day the fog never lifted all day!

  45. It’s homemade vegetable soup for me. Just enough meat to make it interesting, fresh picked vegetables frozen from the garden and a sprinkling of barley. That and a loaf of fresh bread and I’m in heaven.

  46. Soup, glorious soup, in all its infinite varieties. Food of peasants and of kings. Always available to heat up just when you need it. Veggie or meaty, economic or extravagant, thick or thin – it has to be the most versatile and comforting food ever!

  47. Fruit crumble with custard. And the custard has to be thick, like standing your spoon up in it thick.

    Followed by a cup of English Breakfast tea, bliss.

  48. Rosti potatoes with ham, a fried egg and swiss cheese on top! Both quick and comforting, but a food I never eat in the summer!

  49. My mother’s chicken pot pie, all made from scratch. She’s giving us children all the recipe for christmas, although I’m quite sure that even if I made it perfectly it wouldn’t be as nice as having some at home from her hands 😛

  50. Mmm… has to be hot chai, home made with lots of milk, strong tea, sugar and spices – all brewed together in a pan on the hob. It’s like rice pudding in a mug! For perfect comfort noshing it must be accompanied by a flapjack or homemade sticky chocolate brownie.

  51. I love home made “apfelstrudel” in winter, the scent of cinnamon, apple and butter mean winter to me! Although fresh pumpkin marmelade on scones is not bad either for a cold afternoon.
    Take care.

  52. Hot chocolate. Really good hot chocolate (I like L.A. Burdick’s, which is a US store that has locations in Cambridge MA, NYC, and a few other places–I live in Cambridge, so it’s close). With peppermint marshmallows.

  53. Yum, homemade Chili soup, lots of beans and tomatoes. With warm Apple Crisp topped with Vanilla Ice Cream or Pumpkin Pie with a ton of whipped cream. There’s nothing like that first pot of chili on a cold, rainy day.

  54. I love to think about food first thing in the a.m. Nothing better on a cold, snow day than pot roast cooked in the slower cooker all day with roasted potatoes and carrots.

  55. A piping hot bowl of slowly cooked oatmeal. With some raspberries that I froze during the summer and chopped walnuts stirred in, a sprinkling of coarse salt, and a splash of cream on top. Mmmmmm.

  56. My all-time favourite comfort food is pasta with tomato sauce and lots of grated parmesan. I sometimes even have the leftovers for breakfast next day…

  57. Does hot chocolate count? My favourite winter Sunday afternoon scene involves me, a big mug of hot chocolate (my choccy mug is a 1/2 pint one!), my armchair, a blanket, an Ealing comedy and some knitting!

  58. Chocolate. Preferably Green and Blacks Creamy Milk chocolate. It’s my spring, summer and autumn comfort food too!

  59. Donut holes a.k.a Danish donuts a.k.a “æbleskiver” (the Danish word)… I looooove them with jam and icing sugar… and darkness and rain outside… and sitting in a couch with a thick woolen plaid around you while eating them 😉

  60. mmmmm……. a lovely boeuf bourguignon – the poor mans variety – cooked slowly with bits of carrots and potatoes and peas and simmered in lots of wine and cognac for hours. Paired with some crusty bread and a glass of red wine…..mmmmmmm

  61. because I am cooking it as I type, forced to stay home by flu, and staring out the window at the damp greyness….pea and ham soup – the salty broth from a gammon simmered and then roasted at the weekend – the yellow split peas disintegrating into a glorious sludge the colour of the fallen leaves outside – leeks and carrots sweating in butter to be added, with the leftover shreds of ham. Leftover from today’s tea that is – ham, egg and chips – which comes a close second.

  62. There’s nothing more comforting than coming in from a blustery, cold, wintery walk, and sitting down with a huge mug of tea and a homemade chocolate brownie – the kind that’s squidgy in the middle and full of chocolate chips and pecan nuts.

  63. Hands down anything made by my sister. In my humble opinion the best cook ever! I don’t think I look forward to any night more so that bonfire night. The first of many winter warmer wonders.
    This year to start homemade game terrine – break for the firework display! – back home, hands tingling from the cold, for Coq au vin with creamed potatoes and veg followed by homemade apple tart and cream. The perfect night.
    And sis, I promise if I win, I’ll knit you whatever you want with the prize 🙂 xx

  64. Wow, that’s a tough question! And reading through the other comments here has me starving and drooling now.

    I don’t have ONE winter comfort food, it does depend a bit on mood and things. A big bowl of steaming homemade soup is almost always at the top of the list, though. From my childhood, though, my favourite is probably my mother’s pot roast with mashed potatoes. Yum!

  65. Living in Southern California, our cold days aren’t quite like yours. My family loves a twice baked potato with a side bowl of home made chili.

  66. Rhubarb crumble in late winter. Warm ginger sponger in early winter. With oodles of real homemade fresh custard. mmmmmmm. and mashed potato with cauliflower cheese.

  67. mmmm mash potato made with cream and butter, with one of the many choice of toppings – spring onion, caramelised red onion, cheese; soft or hard or even inbetween, crispy bacon and more. Warm and comforting like a soft goose down duvet, keeps out the cold and mends broken hearts too.

    Weight watchers does no have a coping strategy for reading all these comments – help!

  68. Hmm….this is sorta tricky, since I feel like it is always cold in Wisconsin. Everything we eat is comfort food. I am going to have to say my favorite is Vegetarian Chili. For the first 5 years I was a veggie, I couldn’t find a recipe for Chili. Then one day I found a really great one. It made such a difference and I couldn’t believe how much I missed it.

  69. Hmmm… homemade lentil soup with fresh lime and kale, and a grilled cheese sandwich. That says Fall to me! Now I think I’ll have to make that for dinner tonight!

  70. Homemade cheesy mac and cheese with crusty buttery crumbs on top. In fact, I think I’ll go make some now!

  71. My favourite winter comfort food would be any type of fruit crumble, with lots of thick yellow custard. To be honest, I’d probably be happy with just the custard.

  72. Mmm, mac and cheese! (Funny that the comment above me says that as well!). I know most people love the special homemade kind, but I really love Stouffers 😉

  73. Oxtail stew with lots of vegetables served with mash. Yummy, especialy with winter fruit compote for pudding. Maybe winter isn’t so bad after all!

  74. Oooh it’s got to be bangers and mash with onion gravy! And if I’m feeling really wreckless a smattering of baked beans to go with it. Yum 😉

  75. MMMMmmmmm…freshly baked (still warm from the oven) cinnamon raisin bread with REAL butter!

  76. Add me to the mac & cheese crowd. Has to be homemade, with 3:2 cheese to mac, using a mixture of cheeses: extra-sharp Cheddar, Gruyere, fontina, and parmesan, hints of garlic, white wine & chipotle, and whole-wheat noodles. Incredibly good!

  77. My favourite winter food is beef stew with dumplings. It never turns out the same way twice as I tend to add a bit of “this & that” depending on my mood or the temperature. I also love chicken and dumplings and since I get my chickens from a local (50 km away) farmer I have lots in the freezer. Scrumptious winter comfort foods. That is about the “ONLY” thing I love about winter.

  78. Hmm..let me think. Depends on the effort I’m willing to make. If I feel like cooking/baking, it has to be Spag Bol (homemade Bolognese Sauce with sherry instead of the ubiquitous red wine), followed by either apple crumble or sticky toffee pud. Baking-wise: Rock buns, fresh from the oven.
    And if I need my comfort food quickly, thereÄs nothing like a fish finger buttie. Or two.

  79. Somethin` veggie, indian, spicy …, lets say : a good vegatable curry with coriander leaves, cumin etc. And something sweet afterwards, some christmas cookies made by my 94-year-old Gran, to close the gap ;-)).

  80. My favourite winterfood must be “Mexican chicken soup with tortillachips and cheese” loaded with red and green chilli. Oh, it’s so hot and jummy:)

  81. a mushroom curry with a side of mashed potatoes and caramelized onions flavoured with indian spices and a hot chai tea

  82. My favourite winterfood reminds me of the summer, to be exact: summer holidays. I love to make a Tarte Tatin de tomates (an upsidedown savoury pie with tomatoes, goat’s cheese and tapenade from black olives). Or a risotto, I love risotto. It’s comfort food par excellence. And o.k., because it’s winter, I could make risotto with mushrooms.

  83. Hot chocolate made from proper hot chocolate – preferably with cream and cinnamon…and dark chocolate brownies to go alongside. Mmm.

  84. Hmmm – well the none cooking answer would be Peanut Butter and Jam toast. If there is cooking involved, it would would have to be beef roast with carrots.

  85. Our homemade beef, stilton and guinness casserole. Topped with herby dumplings and maybe some garlic/french bread to mop up the left over gravy. If there is room afterwards a lovely apple crumble with custard. So delicious…I want some now 🙂

  86. If I’m honest, my favourite winter comfort food is almost anything smothered hot custard!

    My husband makes ‘random fruit’ crumbles sometimes… The weirdest combinations are sometimes inspired. If there’s no crumble, some left over cake or a sliced banana will do 😉

    I also have to say lemon curd filled home-made sponge cake… My mum would always make me one for my birthday (in December)… and now my sister makes one it for me each year… a dfferent sort of comfort, but comfort all the same 😉

  87. Oh my, my tummy’s rumbling… Mine is a toss up between cheese on toast, with slices of tomato or onion under the bubbling cheese with brown sauce (must be HP!) on the side; or delicious French Onion soup with a nice chunky gruyere topped slice of french bread floating in the top…. I’m off to cook 🙂

  88. Beef stew with onions, carrots and parsnips, cooked slowly so it literally melts in the mouth. It’s basically my Mum’s stew but I have got the hang of it and although my other half is a fantastic chef, he loves my stew and as soon as the weather gets cooler, I have to make a large batch for the freezer so that on those dark and damp winter evenings when the commute has frazzled the nerves, stew to the rescue !!!

  89. It is a German single-boiled dish, ingredients are savoy, potatoes, minced meat, onions, salt, a lot of pepper and caraway (is that right for German “Kümmel”????) – heart-warming after a long winter-walk in the cold

  90. I’ll have to agree with woolgatherer and go with a good mac and cheese! Who can say no to some cheesy goodness??

  91. Bangers and mash with fried onions, peas and gravy yum yum and if any room left, apple crumble

  92. Comfort food? Oh my word, there are just too many to think of! But I think that syrup sponge and custard has to be up there near the top. But then again, maybe Christmas pudding with loads of rum sauce – far too good to just eat once a year. Or even crispy bacon sandwiches with fresh bread and brown sauce. Or a piping hot sausage casserole with creamy mash. Or bread and butter pudding with whisky and honey cream on the side.

    But yes, I’m with you on the rice pudding front too. I’ll fight you for the skin!

    Oh how I hate being on a diet! Comfort food has nothing whatsoever to do with a muller light yoghurt.

  93. I like “Tartiflette” : reblochon (cheese) on patatoes, with bacon… Yes, I’m french !

  94. Hmm, hotpot, cooked really slowly the day before then skimmed re put together and re heated in a very slow oven until the potatoes are crispy and golden on top with melty lamb, onions and carrots underneath in a lovely rich gravy.
    Serve untraditionally with cabbage and fresh baked bread and butter to mop up all teh juices

    Nice glass of red and a good book and winter is sorted

  95. Today my favourite comfort food is spaghetti bolognese with lots of grated cheese, but other days it’s baked potatoes with cauliflower cheese, or treacle pudding and custard, or just a big bowl of porridge with golden syrup…

  96. I can’t get my favourite comfort food any more because Tesco don’t stock it, and I’ve not been brave enough to try to make it yet! They used to do a gorgeous cinnamon and raisin buttery sweet bread which was coated with (probably more butter and) icing sugar – it sounds sickly, but it really wasn’t, just very moreish! I’m feeling sad, just thinking about it on this cold, dark evening!

  97. I love vegan chili – just enough jalepeno to warm you up, tomatoes, kidney and black beans, zucchini, bell pepper, onion, garlic, V8 vegetable juice. Cooking slow and low in the dutch oven, fills the house with a lovely warm smell, eaten with a warm crusty bread… I’m going to have to run to the store now – I can almost taste the chili now!

  98. My favorite winter comfort food is homemade split pea soup. I make it with applewood smoked bacon, carrots, celery and sometimes dices of potato. It’s savory and warming and the apartment smells wonderful. It works on many sensual levels!

  99. Mmmmmmm, food…

    One of my absolute all-time favourites is my mother’s home made elderberry cordial with steaming hot water (I think cordial might be a proper translation of the word . It’s made with elderberries that are cooked with sugar until it becomes a thickish syrup. There may be more ingredients, but I am not sure. The cordial is meant to be mixed with hot water mmmm). I love this drink when I come in out of the cold, or just for sitting comfily on the sofa with a warm blanket. The cordial can also be made on the stove with added starch to make it a sort of dessert soup that is eaten with crumbled cookies on top. (I know it might sound odd, but they are a special kind of cookies, not sweet, but baked till they are quite dry.)

    I also enjoy a nice cup of soup in the winter, just to get warm. You know the kind: dry powder in a satchel, add boiling water, stir and wait for 2 minutes. And they come in so many flavours. i enjoy these because I am a big fan of soup, but if I need something to warm me during the day they are a great treat. Yum. 🙂

  100. My absolute favorite winter comfort food is celery root salad. My mom is required to make it for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s shredded celery root mixed with homemade mayonnaise. I absolutely crave it and will eat as much as she will make!

  101. Not strictly a food…but I love love love hot apple cider after coming in from the nasty North Dakota winters!

  102. In the winter months I really love casseroles type meals, good hearty stuff which I like to have a lot of root vegetables in including amongst lots of other things : parsnips and sweet potatoes all flavoured with fresh coriander, hot green chillies and lemon slices, its like eating a radiator !!

  103. For me – as an Irishwoman – it just has to be Irish Stew, made with lean, tender beef, onion, carrot and potato, well seasoned, made the night before and eaten the next day – that’s when it’s at its best.

    Oh it makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

    (However recently my thoughts have been turning to French Onion soup topped with cheesy crusty bread slice, yummy)

  104. I’d have to say it is a tie between Pumpkin curry or pumpkin bread pudding. Either one can warm you up in a heartbeat!

  105. Apple and mincemeat crumble with homemade vanilla custard. Lashings of it. None of it is on my diet anymore but I miss it dreadfully.

  106. Today it’s roasted vegetables with quinoa. But soup is also a definite comfort food: roasted pumpkin, lentil and wild rice; roasted squash and apple; roasted parsnip and apple.

  107. ooh look at all the replies! There were only 3 or 4 when I looked yesterday. For me, winter comfort food is always savoury, and will usually have either fluffy mashed potato or brown basmati rice involved. At the moment I have a yearning for mushrooms – the big fat flat ones that cook down in their own juices to make a wonderful sauce. I generally add either smoked tofu, onion, thyme and some apple balsamic, or alternatively chop the mushrooms more finely along with crushed sweet chestnuts, add some wine/port and possibly more balsamic and reduce down for a while. This topped with cheesy mashed potato (sometimes with parsnips) and browned in the oven is the best veggie shepherds pie and I think I’ve just decided what I’m making for dinner tonight! Oh, and that mushroom/chestnut base makes lovely burgers as well.

  108. My favorite savory comfort food is homemade tomato soup served with freshly baked bread topped with a good, strong cheese. The tomato soup must contain both chilli and garlic – and preferrably fish balls (not meat balls) as well.

    Sweet comfort could be something like risengrød – the Danish version of rice pudding, if only for the preperation method. Milk is brought to a simmer around noon, rice is stirred in, it’s brought to a boil – and taken off the stove and put to bed (literally), wrapped in a duvet. By dinnertime it’s put back on teh stove, salted, and given a quick heating.

    Creamy, delicious and served with cold butter, cinnamon, sugar and dark beer. Nom.

  109. Mashed potato with lots of butter and grated cheese and black pepper. I can happily eat a whole plateful and call it dinner. 🙂

  110. My comfort food during the winter are fondue and polenta, they are not Finnish, but they remind me always of good moments. As well as a box of chocolate truffles, anyway they are good all year round.

  111. THE best comfort food is root veg mash, with sausage casserole. I make my sausage casserole from a Delia recipe (I think from ‘Frugal food’ – I’m such a student…) the other best comfort food is a new one to me, that my housemate made yesterday. Macaroni cheese, with tuna, and a nacho topping. She learnt it in her American school, and it’s already a firm favourite with me! x

  112. I love honey roasted parsnips for winter comfort food! But my oven is broken and we might be living on microwaveable food for a while 🙁

  113. My favourite winter comfort food is my mothers homemade lentil and ham soup – proper stock made from scratch with ham bones, loads of delicious veggies and pulses left overnight to “settle” and soaked up with crusty homemade bread.

    A hug in a bowl that reminds me of being small and loved. 😀

  114. Risotto — mushroom or any creamy, yummy, vegetable or duck risotto with heaps of arugula (ruccola) and large wedges of slightly bitter roasted/grilled radicchio with some reduced balsamico.

    I do have back-up options… such as sausages and “Indian” mashed potatoes (seasoned with powdered curry and sauteed grated carrots and onions and fresh coriander).

  115. My favourite winter food would have to be fresh homemade bread to accompany a pot of homemade soup. There is nothing better than coming in from the cold into a warm kitchen full of good healthy food.

  116. Would have to be a stew with herb dumplings and mashed potatoes.
    Totally agree with you about the rice pudding. My gran used to make it when I was little and serve it with homemade raspberry jam on top and evaporated milk poured around the edge of the bowl. I make now it but it never tastes as good as my gran’s.

  117. Crumble!!

    Of any description really, but apple always hits the spot. My mum often puts a bit of mincemeat in around Christmas, which is just yummy. And custard of course,!!

  118. Actually my favourite foods depend more on mood rather than season – I’ve been feeling like creamy or sticky, mostly sweetish stuff – peanut butter, marrons glacées, and something I’ve just tasted – pan dei mort, seasonal gingerbread-like treats from Milan.

  119. I must agree with almost everyone here in that it must contain plenty of starch. For me, mashed potatoes or roasted vegetables (Nigella has a nice recipe), but if my mother is around Korean soup/stews such as kalguksu (soup with lots of thick noodles) or sujebi (soup with flour dumplings a bit like spätzle). Also comforting is reading all these comments and feeling how everyone is being comforted by just thinking of their favorite comfort foods!

  120. For me it has to be home grown potatoes, good locally produced potatoes will do. Rolled in vegetable oil with a light dusting of sea salt so the skin goes crunchy and baked in a low oven for a couple of hours. So that they are crunchy and salty on the outside but soft and melty on the inside, served simply with lashings of fresh slightly salty butter. Delicious.

  121. Mine ultimate winter comfort food has to be a chunky beef stew cooked with stout, and home-baked bread to dunk in it.

    This is what I made for dinner last Hogmanay, and we had friends round and played Risk and then went to the pub. Perfect way to see in the New Year!

  122. favourite winter foods are fondue, racellette, mont blanc and roasted chestnut when i manage to visit home (heidiland)- all eat out stuff 🙂
    but when i spend winter in cape town i love making grilled springbok with mushroom sauce and mash!

  123. carrot and ginger soup followed by irish beef stew and Jamaican ginger cake covered in custard to end……..mmmm!

  124. Hmmm … does it count if I say ‘anything someone else has cooked’? No, because that would apply Winter OR Summer!

    I love a thick stew or a hot chunky soup. Or a pudding of some kind with custard ..mmmm.

  125. That’s easy! Grilled cheese sandwich, with a side of tomato soup. And ketchup for dipping. YUM!

  126. Macaroni and cheese with lots of Old Canadian Cheddar cheese and toasty crunched up crackers on top – OOOOhhhhhh I think I have to go make some now!

  127. My favorite comfort food is Pizza – I could eat it everyday but I especially love it when I am down and down feel like cooking. Yum!

  128. Dee– Pam got here right before me with the grilled cheese sandwich! And with tomato soup, it’s a marriage made in heaven. But I’ll trade you the ketchup for a little apple crumble with custard for afters…

  129. Hi.all,

    I love making, simmering and slowly eating a large cup of Corn Chowder. I butter a slice of rustic bread and brown it lightly in a pan. Now we just must have something to drink. I would brew some real cider with pumpkin pie spices. It just really warms the tummy!

  130. Corned Beef Hash with a runny fried egg on top and lashings of HP! So naughty and yet so nice…I am allowed it twice a year!!

  131. Spaghetti with meatballs, accompanied by garlic bread and a large glass of yummy red wine. But thinking of this is quite cruel punisment for someone who can currently eat only 3 things and hasn’t had a glass of wine in 2 years.

  132. Dee,

    I love apple pie–making it and eating it. I cook the apples into a chunky sauce and try to make LOTS to freeze so I can have it all winter. Warm apple pie oozes comfort.

  133. Ha, I know somebody says that chockolate is not food. But if you’d know, somebody could eat it like food… 😉
    But on the other hand, I’d say cheese, good old gouda.

  134. Jacket potatoes with some sinfull sauce/stuffing that has gazillion calories. Twice baked bacon&cheddar spuds come to mind.

  135. My comfort food is a big bowl of Sage and Onion stuffing with sausage meat, that has been cooked in the oven and is all crunchy on top

  136. My favourite comfort food this time of the year is the delicious jams my husband made in July and August.

    My husband is somewhat inventive so we have gooseberry jam with staraniseed (not sure about the english word but it is aniseed from a starshaped capsule), blackberry jam with vanilla and strawberry jam with orange peels. Dee, those jams would be great with your rice pudding 😉