Shop Update 01.11.09 – Part I

I tried extra, extra hard with the photos this week. I think it shows, at least I hope so! We rewound a few of the skeins to show off the colour combinations better, so you’ll have to tell me what you think of the new look. I must say, they look so pretty when they are rewound, I almost wish we could do all of them that way. Just look:

(Don’t Panic, Bonhomie, Across A Crowded Room, Pooh Corner, and Mockingbird)

Anyway, here are some of my lace weight favourites from this week’s yarn:

Sylvia 2ply Heffalump

Miranda 2ply Mayfair

Miranda 2ply I Shot The Sheriff

Miranda 2ply Mirror Mirror

Miranda 2ply Boquinene

Miranda 2ply Will O’Wisp

Diana 2ply Be Excellent

Sock weight picks tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Shop Update 01.11.09 – Part I

  1. I love the rewound skeins. I think they give a much better idea of how the yarn is likely to look when knitted up.

  2. Very pretty Dee, I hope that you get good feedback.

    I love both kinds of pictures so I think all your colourways are gorgeous (however you present them). However, when I was in the UK over the summer, I did rewind some skeins for my mother as I couldn’t understand why they were being overlooked – I hoped that the rewinding would help people to visualise better how they might knit up!

  3. Really lovely, and I agree that I think they give a better idea of how the yarn will look when knitted up.