Poorly Mr P.

I have a sick man on my hands. Tony has chronic asthma, which has been getting worse lately, and now on top of that, has what I think is bronchitis. He’s been bad since Thursday of last week. And as with most sick men, he’s…… ah……. let’s say high maintenance when he’s unwell. Add to that the fact that I have no employees coming in to work this week, since it doesn’t seem fair to drown them in germs, and you’ll see that I have my hands rather full. So blogging may be a little sketchy this week, as I play nurse/maid/parcel-packer/Jack-of-all-trades.

(On a more cheerful note, last week I booked plane tickets to go and see my lovely Plucky girl, for 10 days in December, with two of my closest friends. Woooohoooooo!!!) 

One thought on “Poorly Mr P.

  1. Poor Tony, don´t you think he deserves a lttle extra TLC now ? He has been sooo busy the last weeks/months making all the beautiful skeins in myriads of colors…yes, he definitely deserves it.
    Hope you will get well soon, Tony !