Shop Update 04.10.09 – Part I

Oooh, it was really hard to narrow down my choices this week! I’m really excited, because we’ve got lots of new yarns coming up over the next few weeks, and this week we have the first two.

Firstly a new merino laceweight. With the help of my Ravelry crew, I chose to have this yarn as normal merino, rather than superwash merino, because in my opinion, superwash doesn’t work so well for lace projects, as it lacks the natural elasticity of the wool. I’m really happy with the resulting yarn, it isn’t as soft and squishy as superwash (due to the extra process in superwash) but it is lovely and springy and stretchy, and will block superbly. Maisie – 100% merino, 800 yards per 100g, £12.00 per skein.

Then we have a gorgeous baby alpaca/silk/cashmere, totally droolworthy. Yuo already know it in the lace version as Miranda. The sock weight is even more luscious, I think, and will knit into a luxuriously drapy fabric. I’m going to knit myself a sweater from this one day, mmmmm. Miranda sock – 70% baby alpaca / 20% silk / 10% cashmere, 400 yards per 100g, £15.00 per skein.

So, here are some of my favourite colourways from this week:

Miranda 2ply Deuce

Miranda 2ply Trusting

Sylvia 2ply Gallop

Sylvia 2ply Kidnapped

Diana 2ply Fancy Free

Maisie Trek

More favourites tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Shop Update 04.10.09 – Part I

  1. Oh my God, I want them all !!! Drop dead beautiful, especially the darker tones seem to glow just right out of my screen…very well done, Tony ! You´re a genius !

  2. I have a policy not to look at the shop updates these days (much), it’s too tormenting. But then you go and put things like that Trusting right up near the top and my Google Reader can’t help but flaunt it at me. Flaunt I say!


    Chances I will make it to the computer on Sunday night? Slim to none. You tease, you terrible tease!