Handspun Cardigan

After a week of madly knitting in every spare moment, I finished Albie’s baby cardigan on Saturday. I don’t think I’ve ever felt such a sense of achievement doing anything as I did knitting that cardigan from my own handspun. It was awesome. Here’s a reminder of what the roving was like:

And here’s the little cardigan:

I used the Offset Wraplan pattern, modifying it slightly to have a seed stitch border, rather than a ribbed border. I made the 0-3 months size, and used about 220 yards of yarn. Its too big for little Albie at the moment, but when it does fit him, I’ll take a modelled shot.

Cuteness overload!!! 

What do you think of it?!

20 thoughts on “Handspun Cardigan

  1. I think it is extremely cute! And baby Ablie is very lucky to have an aunty who spins and knits 🙂

  2. Really lovely yarn and pattern- spinning the yarn and then knitting it up must give a great sense of achievement. I really love the buttons: I am dotty about anything with elephants, but those are truly super 🙂

  3. Just gorgeous in any aspect (colour, roving, spinning , knitting etc…). One can almost feel the huggies for little Albert you certainly have knitted in. Well done, Dee: a fluffy blue cloud which will embrace him with lots of aunties love.

  4. lovely! great work – you have every right to feel truly chuffed. Is it a single or did you end up plying it too? love the fibre – beautiful colour and the elephants are super cute

  5. What a lucky young guy! If you start the fiber appreciation at a young age and he will be set for life!

  6. What do I think of it? Absolutely blinking beautiful. I want to make one now aswell. Nothing else on the needles, so may just cast on tonight…

  7. Dee, it is just gorgeous! I love the colour and the spinning is fine. Isn’t it a lovely feeling being able to knit from your handspun. I am just at that stage now!

  8. That’s lovely and I love the name Albie. Have you seen the Albie books? My daughter loves them. AAAAAALLBBIIIEEEE!!

  9. That is simple and gorgeous, just what you want to show off all your hard work.. Well done, I’d say it’s a complete success!