Fractal Spinning

Its very strange, I was sure I’d taken an in-progress shot of this yarn, but I can’t find one, so I guess not. Pity, I like showing the yarn develop step by step. This was spun from 200g of Falkland fibre from Felt Studio UK, and was bliss to spin.

(photo courtesy of and copyright of FeltStudioUK)

I was working on trying to spin finer, and also more consistently, and the quality of the fibre really helped with that. I decided to divide it up so that I could do fractal spinning to break up the colours (fractal spinning is where you split the roving in half, lengthwise, spin one half as is, and split the other half into fractions, eighths in this case, before spinning, finally plying the two yarns together).

I’m thrilled with how it came out! This is definitely the finest and most consistent yarn that I have spun so far. I did it as a 2ply, and ended up with 740 yards. 

I have in mind a very special project for it. Our very close friends and Posh sidekicks, Gerd & Zara, are having their first baby as I write this. If it turns out to be a little girl, I plan to knit the lovely EZ’s February Baby Cardigan for it. I think that would suit this yarn perfectly. If not, I think I’ll knit myself a little shawl with it, and use the yarn I’m spinning now (a blue/green combo) for a baby cardigan. This will be the first time I’ve ever knitted with my own handspun, exciting stuff!  

10 thoughts on “Fractal Spinning

  1. Very very very pretty and all your own work too, lucky baby and good luck to ‘it’ and mum & dad too. Come on Baby, we’re waiting LOL

  2. Dee,

    The yarn is just lovely!! I love it much more than the roving, which, while pretty, would not stop me in my tracks. The yarn did just that–a very good sign, indeed!

  3. So lovely! and I love that it’s called fractal spinning. (The math geek in me finds that very awesome.)

  4. Stunning stuff! That will knit up beautifully.
    Do you like going back now and looking at your first spinning efforts to see how far you’ve come?

  5. That’s just gorgeous! If I had the time to take up a new hobby (haven’t even got time for the current ones!) you’d definitely be converting me. You’ve done a beautiful job, and I can’t wait to see what it winds up as – don’t forget pics.