Shop Update 30.08.09 – Part II

Some more of my favourites:

Esme Harvest

Esme Steeplechase

Sylvia 4ply Hamptons

Daisy 4ply South of the Border

Martha Trust Fund

Helena 4ply Deep Thought

Elinor Wild Child (this week’s cover shot)

Elinor Vanity Fair

The full shop preview is now up. See you on Sunday!

One thought on “Shop Update 30.08.09 – Part II

  1. Serendipity tonight. Don’t catch the sale any more. Happened to log on and check what might be left. We’re having our 40th party next Sat night and I saw Steppin’ Out … still left … Joe Jackson – what ever happened to him?!? Thanks Dee & Tony – lots of memories with that one xx