Shop Update 30.08.09 – Part I

Well, I’ve been feeling quite smug lately about the shop photos. I really thought I had it cracked. But this week, there was a conspiracy between all my equipment, to knock that smugness right outta me. For some reason, I couldn’t get them to look colour accurate, and attractive this week. Maybe I’m just being super critical though, and you’ll think they look fine. Here are some of my favourite colourways:

Miranda Aruba

Claudia 2ply Danceoff

Sophia 2ply Cameo

Sylvia 2ply Funny Face

Diana 2ply Sea Breeze

Diana 2ply Twitter

Eva 4ply Castaway

Esme Bahamas

More picks tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Shop Update 30.08.09 – Part I

  1. Oh my goodness yes, what ugly ugly yarn! Especially Danceoff. And Bahamas. Hideous! None of you want to buy those atrocious colorways, do you? Really, you want to leave that in the shop, don’t you now? 😉

  2. I bought Esme sock yarn in Dunnock last Sunday and am disappointed by the colour.Mine didn’t look like the photo but I also had Kingfisher 2 ply which is brilliant.