Thank you all for those wonderful suggestions! I’m going to print them out and keep them nearby, for whenever I need cheering. It certainly will help that the house is nearly done now, for one thing, it’s much much brighter and lighter than it used to be, and that’s important in wintertime. The kitchen is irtually finished now, but we’ve been waiting for wall tiles to come in for weeks now, and until they arrive I don’t want to show you any photos of the kitchen. But as soon as I can, I will! We’re already planning our next project, the bathroom, which will be the last room in the house that needs doing. I must be mad, I haven’t recovered from the kitchen yet!! But it will be so nice to have the whole house done. Next year we are going to concentrate on the garden, which is a large one. We’re going to have veggie patches, for one thing! 

One thought on “Plans

  1. Looking foward to seeing photos of your kitchen reno. I know what you mean — we’ve been working our way around our house.. when one room is done and looks good, the one beside it looks old and shabby… well, not shabby — but bad enough for us to tackle. lol