I’m thrilled with this yarn I’ve been spinning. It’s been a few months since I did any spinning, and I wasn’t terribly proficient then, so I thought my skills would have backslided a little bit in the meantime. But when I sat down at the new wheel I found that my fingers seemed to remember just what to do, and I was able to pick it back up right where I’d left off. Of course, it helps to have good fibre to work with.

This is Falkland, purchased from Felt Studio UK, and it was a dream to spin. I hoped it would end up as a sock weight, but when I plied it, it came out more dk weight, with 225 yards from 97g of fibre. I’m particularly pleased with how it plied, as it came out just how I wanted it, tightly plied so that the yarn is springy and bouncy.

My ultimate spinning goal is to spin enough yarn to knit a sweater. I have a few kg of undyed fibre here, waiting for Tony’s magic dyeing fingers, and in the meantime I’m trying to practise consistency in my handspun. I had the best day on Friday, I just sat and spun all day. Heaven. I sat there in the evening, watching Dragon’s Den, and I could still feel the tingle of the twist in my fingers.

Oh, one little tip I’ve discovered: some of you may have the same problem I had, of sweaty hands while spinning. I did a bit of research, because this was a huge problem for me last time I did any spinning, because my hands are always sweaty. And it turns out, if you spin with bare feet (normally I wear socks, I’m not a big fan of bare feet), you can go for hours and hours, even in the warmest weather, without your hands getting sweaty. Strange but true. If anyone else has any spinning words of wisdom, do share!

4 thoughts on “Spinning

  1. Well done, Dee! The blue is gorgeous, and I will happily follow its growth into a wearable (?) item.

  2. Oh Dee, how beautiful ! The blue in particular, it reminds me of ocean waves or the lavender rows in Provence. The second one is like an italian gelato, so yummy. Will you ever make some of your own batts somewhere in future ? We , your faithful fans, would welcome them very much !