Shop Update 09.08.09 – Part I

My apologies for being so quiet this week. It’s been a slightly trying week, what with one thing and another. I’ve been ill, on and off, so have been doing a bit of work, resting, doing a bit of work, resting. And we had no staff to help us this week either, due to illness (not the same kind!) so I’ve had more to do than usual. Imagine, I had to do the packing myself this week! Me! A VIP!! Lol. Anyway, besides all that going on, we’ve been at the peak of chaos with the kitchen renovations, and when you have a very small house, and have your workspace within that house, it’s almost impossible to prevent any disruption. So that’s been challenging. Thankfully the kitchen is almost complete now, and all the messy stuff is finished. In fact, after I finish today’s blog, I’m off to clean and tidy. I hope to have the house in apple pie order by the weekend, when we have friends coming for a visit.

So while I’m elbow deep in plaster dust and wood shavings, here’s some yarn candy for you to peruse:

Sylvia 2ply Gone Fishing (he wishes!)

Sylvia 2ply Waterlily

Sylvia 2ply Party

Sylvia 2ply Anthem

Diana 2ply Idle (I wish!)

Diana 2ply Sun King

Diana 2ply Byron

Diana 2ply Prudent

More picks tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Shop Update 09.08.09 – Part I

  1. Dee, I don’t know if it’s just that these colorways are all of a kind that suite me perfectly, but these pictures are GORGEOUS. New camera? Thumbs up!