I was going to show you some photos of the kitchen today, but then I reconsidered. Mondays are hard enough without any extra misery. And this house is currently No. 1 Misery Street, Nightmareville. I’d tell you all about it, about the fact that everything, every single last item in the kitchen is now covered in a thick layer of plaster dust because Somebody thought it would be a good idea to sand the walls down without covering the boxes of crockery, pans, food, etc. Or about the fact that I haven’t had a sink, running water, worktops, or cupboards for the last three days. But instead, let’s focus on something pleasant, something peaceful, before my head goes POP.

The cats, bless their hearts, have been as good as gold while the renovations are going on. I shut them up in the bedroom, and they just curl up and sleep on the bed until I can let them out again.

But I think I speak for all of us when I say that we will be very glad indeed to get this job over, and have our home back again.

6 thoughts on “Chaos

  1. Just looking at pictures of your beautiful cats slows my heart rate right down. Hope it does the same for you– just grit your teeth and think of how lovely your kitchen will be this winter. Bon courage!

  2. Unfortunately I had a new kitchen a few years ago (xmas dinner with a sink on legs and only a cooker plus dishwasher and plastic garden table to work on) so I share your pain! It will all be over soon and you will be able to marvel at the lovely new one and the mess will get forgotten, in the mean time wine will be a good friend! Plus we are all here for you to complain to!

  3. has to be a man – my Dh in our second kitchen renovation – of 4 so far – once started taking down one wall of a pantry cupboard, full of vegetables, crockery, etc without emptying the cupboard, and he was rather hurt when I remonstrated (shrieked like a harpy) at him. That was over 20 years ago and I still shudder at the thought of it! Then I laugh.

  4. As someone who would rather live in the crumbled ruins of her house and pitch a tent in the remains, rather than ever have ‘builders’ set foot within, I wholeheartedly commiserate. I can recommend the Reader’s Digest manual of DIY!!!!

  5. Hope the renovations are soon over with…have had my potting studio extended now that I finally got myself a kiln, yippee, but the mess that comes with any sort of contstruction is plain lousy, mainly because its ‘yours truly’ who gets to clean up the mess. So LOVE how your cats have grown into themselves. I still remember the gorgeous fotos of them as kittens.
    Best of luck with your patience;)