Taking Shape

Wow, things are moving fast around here. The new kitchen floor is laid, and looking good. And I’m halfway up the first sleeve of Flyte. I think I’ll have this sweater finished by the end of the month. Oh, I do love Fair Isle. Here’s a couple of shots of the body:

(I’m trying hard not to think about the 47,000 ends I have to weave in)

Onward and upward!  

6 thoughts on “Taking Shape

  1. Wow – I’m impressed. This has to be a lot of work!! I’ve tried fairisle a few times myself, but I get all the threads tangled up, and the fabric ends up all weird…

  2. I love this so much. I love fair isle so much. I love all the colours. I think i’m ready to start another fair isle project – always fancied something from Alice Starmore, what do you think?

  3. Your fairisle knitting is no neat and even. I’ve never been able to keep the yarn slack enough to achieve anything near your standard – beautiful!

  4. Your fairisle is so neat and even. I’ve never been able to keep the yarns slack enough to achieve such neatness. Can’t wait to see your finished garment – it’s looking great.

  5. lovely, but why yarn ends? don’t you knit it in the round? and didn’t iou use the weave in process of changing to another yarn?