The old black dog is shaking me between its jaws at the moment, so if I’m quieter than usual, that’s the reason why.

20 thoughts on “Quietness

  1. Ah is it the back to reality after a fab holiday – I hate it when that happens. Feel happy soon! xx

  2. Thinking of you Dee and hoping that it doesn’t last long this time. I hope you’re feeling brighter soon.

  3. Sending {{{{{HUGS}}}}} and sunshine your way.

    I hope, for your sake, that old black dog tires quickly.

  4. Slow down, deep breath, and as much sunshine as you can bear… Sending you “feel better soon” thoughts!

  5. Dee, it´s always the most creative people, who need a physical and mental break more often than others. Lift your head up, bite back and don´t cut your ear off ;-)). XOXOX

  6. I have people in my family who have lived with this for years, so I won’t say anything trite, but we’re here for you – ooops, just did!

  7. I have heard that expression before,but I do not fully understand it ?
    does it refer to our mental health ,our physical health, or our wisdom filled ageing ??
    regardless of the definition, I do believe we ‘creative types’ are more sensitive to the imbalance in our lives ,and hope that a bit of rest will put you right again !!

  8. So sorry that things are tough at the moment. I am sending much love and a big virtual hug your way. Mwah! xx

  9. Do hope he lets go soon, the pesky dog. Take care and be kind to yourself x