Shop Update 31.05.09

Running a bit late this week, due to the sock club. But here are this week’s yarn picks!

Charlotte 4ply Ebb (this week’s cover shot)

Time Of Your Life Batt (this week’s batts are our last ever batts!)

Sophia 4ply High Hopes

Charlotte 4ply Linger

Charlotte 2ply Mystery

Esme Primeval

Eva 2ply Enigma

Sophia 4ply Faraway Tree

The shop preview will soon be up. See you on Sunday!

5 thoughts on “Shop Update 31.05.09

  1. Thanks for mentioing the bats I will try and stock up – it is a shame as I have really enjoyed them(missed out on a few that I really wanted but thats how it goes).

  2. So sorry to see the batts go… always tried to get my favourite, but that never happened…maybe there will be better luck for me the last time now ;-)) absolutely gorgeous yarn this week !