Viva France – Part II

I tried to be as inconspicuous as possible when photographing people in France, but it’s quite hard to be inconspicuous when you are not only taller than all the women, but most of the men as well. And carrying a large camera to boot. This French poodle didn’t seem to mind though.


When its owner saw me focussing the camera onto the dog, he said something to it in French, then came over to me, and said in English, “I told ze dog to smile for you”. How charming!

This painting covered the entire side of a building, and greeted visitors to Narbonne.

Vintage model cars at a flea market in Agde. I adore this photo.

One of the last places we visited was Montpellier. I have never been anywhere so beautiful in my life. The city is so clean and tidy, the architecture stunning, the shops divine. I want to live there.

This last photograph makes me laugh, because Zara and Tony (in the foreground) look like they are walking arm in arm.

Gerd is doing his usual trick of avoiding being in the photograph. This boy detests being phoographed. In fact, it is only right that I finish up with a nice giant size photograph of him. I think I owe it to him. Gerd, this is for smashing me at cards. And for gloating so shamelessly afterwards.


4 thoughts on “Viva France – Part II

  1. Love the photos.can’t wait to get to France at the weekend but we are only going to the Loire valley.Not quite the same atmosphere as the south.Maybe in September.

  2. Wow your photos are stunning. I lived in Montpellier for 9 months as a student and seeing those pictures reminded what a great place it is.