Viva France – Part I

Well, where do I start? I think I’m going to let the photos do most of the story telling for me. Although the weather was beautiful for most of our week, the day after arrival was not so good, cool and rainy. So we thought it would be the perfect day for a trip to Barcelona, about 2 hours drive away.

Barcelona is a really cool city. It needs more than a day, that’s for sure. Somebody tried to steal my camera, but didn’t bargain for my grip of death. On the camera, not on them.

The countryside around where we were staying was full of fields of wheat, with poppies sprinkled throughout. Just stunning.   

The nearest big town to us was Beziers, where we flew into. I’ve never seen an airport that tiny. It looked like a bus shelter. Beziers is a lovely place though, and we went there on the day of the flower/vegetable market. I do love a good market.

There was a distinct theme to my photography on this trip: architectural details. If I’ve got one wrought iron balcony, I’ve got a hundred. I won’t show you them here, but here’s just a couple:

Foxgloves clustered around the town square.

We went back to Beziers one evening, intending to have a meal in a restaurant. Now I don’t know if this is the case everywhere in France, but the restaurant staff are very proactive about getting you into their restaurants. They were leaping upon us and practically dragging us by the hand into their restaurant, before we knew what was happening. After this had happened twice, and we had embarrassedly shuffled out after looking at the menus and not liking what we saw, we discovered this pizza place. Sanctuary. Plus, it has quite possibly the best business name I’ve ever seen. I mean, what kind of brainstorming session would come up with the name Speed Rabbit Pizza? I love it. And Gerd loved the tequila flavoured beer they had there.

More tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Viva France – Part I

  1. Wow, these are amazing! I adore the flowers and the architecture is just stunning. Can’t wait to see more – thank goodness you kept hold of your camera.

  2. If anyone would dye some yarn based on those poppies, I would buy some. Just saying.