Shop Update 03.05.09 – Part I

As you can imagine, when you work with so much gorgeous yarn, the temptation to keep some for yourself is quite substantial. In general, I’m very restrained. But sometimes, a colourway comes along, and it’s so beautiful and so perfect, that it really hurts to let it go. It just so happens that this week, there are a few colourways like that. At the moment I’m struggling with the temptation, but if there’s fewer skeins in the shop update than appears in the photographs then you’ll know that I’ve succumbed!!

Diana Sisterhood

Diana Palm Beach

Esme Pepys

Emily Harebell

Diana Samphire

More favourites tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Shop Update 03.05.09 – Part I

  1. Just participated in the mock sale and still didn’t manage to get the yarn I wanted. Humph! Glad to see we were all here to help out. 🙂

  2. yeah I just tried them all!! grrrr. I’m gonna have to come and see you personally!!
    Hope you had a great weekend.

  3. Poshdee- I was wondering about your “Tilia” shawl- are you going to be making kits available?

    All your yarn is highly covetable- and I realize that greed is one of the seven deadlies- but it’s probably worth burning in hell for.