My Best Friends

I’ve never been a girl’s girl. You know how some women have sisterhoods? Not me. I never felt like I fitted in with other women. I always felt more comfortable with guys. But recently, I’ve begun to realize that I do have my own sisterhood. I do have girlfriends that are there for me. They lift me up, they make me laugh, they support me. I just hope they know how much I love them. Here are a few of them, at a recent barbecue. Missing from the photo is Zara, one of my best friends, who you’ve met already (at Cariad Yarn). She was there, but not in this crazy photo. Here, from left to right, there’s Sarah (aka the Plucky Knitter, and my twin-separated-at-birth), me (~cringe~), Emma (my bestest-bestest friend), Rachel & Rebecca (Pilates buddies, and all round Cool Girls), Mama in the background, Jane on the far right (one of the funniest girls I know, and a knitter to boot!), Val (a wise woman with just enough craziness to make her lovable), and Rachel, who is wondering how she got into such a crazy frame. If this photo had Zara in it would be just about perfect. My sisterhood.


2 thoughts on “My Best Friends

  1. What a lovely group of women! I can tell be the picture that you are indeed comfortable and so happy to be a part of that group. You have many close friends. And it’s so nice that you have someone to turn to, for whatever you need. I wish you many more occasions with these women just like this one. And what a sweet Mama!