Friday Fibre

Some more favourites, from fibre and yarn……

Moulin Rouge Shetland/Alpaca/Angelina Batt

Peasouper BFL Roving

Lei Elopement

Sophia 4ply Shamrock

Eva 4ply Mermaid

Charlotte 8ply Maidenhair

As always, the shop goes live at 7pm on Sunday. Happy hunting!

2 thoughts on “Friday Fibre

  1. Holy moley! I’ve just scrolled through the shop and I’m shivering with sheer excitement! My god, all of those bats and spinning fibres are beautiful (and so are the yarns!!!)… now the hard part: will I be able to secure some of them? 😉

  2. all those yarns are gorgeous, I love all, the colors, the texture, the twist style of the hank… It’s nearly a pity to knit them, I would nearly use it as is as a decoration in my studio :D.

    But I have one question : what is the size of the hanks ? (long, large and wide ) . I’m guessing that I see them way larger and longer than they really are.