Can You Tell What It Is Yet?

I had a delightfully productive weekend. I finished a pair of baby booties for a friend, (ohmygoodness they could not be any cuter) which I’ll show you tomorrow. They’re blocking at the moment – one came out slightly bigger than the other, so I’m trying to block them into submission. And I spun. I spun yarn. Me. I made yarn. I’m a spinner. I can spin!


And here’s the proof:

Isn’t it fabulous? Aren’t I a clever girl?!? This is the gorgeous BFL roving that Sue gave me at last week’s meetup, from David’s Etsy shop. It’s a dream to spin, it just seems to turn itself into yarn with very little effort on my part. There’s something magical, almost miraculous about spinning. You take a handful of fluff, and with a bit of twiddling, you turn it into yarn. It’s just incredible. If you haven’t tried it yet, stop whatever you are doing, leave work, abandon the kids, go find yourself a spindle and some fibre, and spin……

Ahhhhh. And I’ve left the best news until last: I bought a spinning wheel. An Ashford Kiwi. And it will be here in the next few days. I’m about as excited as it’s possible for one person to be. I’m a spinner. Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!! 

7 thoughts on “Can You Tell What It Is Yet?

  1. Looks great.
    My first wheel was a KIwi and I still have it (I lend it to people to learn on). It’s a great little wheel.
    If you can bear to be patient, seal it all before you assemble it, it’s much easier to do before you get the screwdrivers out.
    And if you want to paint the wheel itself, do that first too. Mine is done with black front door paint (just the wheel). You can’t really get the wheel off again after it’s assembled so it really needs to be done first.
    Did you know there is a new Kiwi owners group on ravelry?

    Have fun!

  2. Congratulations and welcome to the club! Will we be seeing Posh fibre soon?

    My spinning is only at the ‘being admired’ stage – nothing knit yet, I can’t wait to try that bit.

  3. Congratulations… or should I offer my condolences? LOL, because now that last bit of storing space will be filled with fibre in no time flat! Trust another spinner on that!
    I second the vote for Posh fibres!!! That would be really cool!

  4. I know nothing about spinning, but my first reaction was: “Ooohh…pretty!” How neat is it to be able to see a project through, from fluff –> yarn –> FO. Haha, if it’s followed (or traced backwards) to its logical conclusion (predecessor), soon we’ll see photos of Posh _sheep_ grazing in your front lawn. : D Too far?

  5. I remember first learning to spin. It’s pretty magical, and doubly so once you get going on a wheel. Beware, you might not stop for awhile. 🙂