New Yarn

An important yarn update on our new yarn Charlotte. My supplier has just informed me that the yardage he initially told me was wrong. The actual yardage on this yarn is:

Charlotte 2ply – 700 yards per 100g

Charlotte 4ply – 350 yards per 100g

Charlotte 8ply – 175 yards per 100g

I’m so sorry to mess you all around, especially so close to sale time.

I’m so excited about our new yarns. Claudia (the pure alpaca) is so smooshy and soft, I would imagine that a shawl or pair of socks knitted up in this yarn would be like wearing a hug. And Charlotte (the silk/merino) is a Posh Yarn exclusive, and has the most gorgeous sheen and drape. Here are some of my especial favourites from the new yarns:

Claudia 2ply January

Claudia 2ply Awake

Claudia 4ply Hope

Claudia 4ply Adagio

Claudia 8ply Sceptred Isle

Claudia 8ply Dove

Charlotte 2ply Timid

Charlotte 2ply Supremacy

Charlotte 4ply Three Wishes

Charlotte 4ply Triumph

Charlotte 8ply Encore

Charlotte 8ply Poignant

See you tonight at 7pm!

3 thoughts on “New Yarn

  1. 7pm? On the shop page it says 6pm. Probably too late for it to matter now. I’ll just keep checking…

  2. No more Wednesdays please. Here, across pond, It’s too early. I don’t get home in time.
    What a sorry sight to see “Sold Out”. I’m looking forward to the next Sunday Shop.