Posh Party

We had the most wonderful day on Saturday. As you know, there were Posh Meetups going on around the UK, one in York, one in London, and one in Mid-Wales. I wish I could have been at all of them. We met up with everyone at First4Yarns in Knighton, Powys. I must say a huge thank you to Lisa and Diana who run the shop (and a gorgeous little shop it is, too) for hosting our meetup, and to Lisa’s brother, who made us the most divine cakes. *dribble*

I intended to take masses of photos, but of course as soon as everyone started to arrive I got completely excited, and forgot all about it. Thankfully the lovely Elizabeth didn’t lose her head, and took lots of photos, so hop on over there and take a look at those. We’ll wait for you.

Can you see from the photos how much fun we were having?!? It was such a delight to have some of my posh friends all in one room, and to spend a little (far too little) time with them. One of the highlights was learning to spin from Spinning Sue. I think she worked some kind of magic on me, because for once in my life, I managed to get the hang of it straight away. Usually I struggle with anything practical, especially if it involves coordination! But I managed to do a bit of spinning, with her help, and Tony had a go too, and my yarn was better than his. Oh yes.

Sue had brought me a lovely gift from her and David, some of his scrumptious hand dyed batts, in the most glorious blue/green blend, with sparkles. Sparkles! It is so, so, so, SO pretty. I can’t wait to start spinning it. A little voice in my head is telling me to save it until I get better at spinning, that it would be a waste to use it on my first try, but I’m going to ignore it. I’m going to feel very very proud of that first little skein, and it deserves to be pretty and sparkly.  

Thank you so much, everyone who came. We loved getting to know you a bit better, and seeing all your lovely knits, it really was an amazing day for us. I’m coming up to Wonderwool on the Saturday (25th April), and we’ll be meeting up again there, so if you’re coming, join the party!

We had quite the adventure on the way home. We were using our satnav, and I don’t know if we hit a satellite black spot or something, but the satnav must have scrambled because when we got to Rhayader it sent us up this mountain track (which was showing on the satnav as a main road). Stupidly, we trusted it, even though the road got steadily worse. After about half an hour, we were up on this mountain, no lights to be seen, no houses, no signs, no other cars, just the mountain on the left of us and a sheer drop down to what looked like a resevoir (about 70 foot below the road) on the other side. There were pine trees on each side, and the road was full of branches and small trees that had come down in the wind. And were still coming down. Every time we got to a tree in the road, Tony and Gerd would have to jump out and go move it, and one of the times, as they were moving the tree, another one crashed down just behind the car. Poor Zara was having hysterics. After an hour of this, driving through floods, and all sorts, we came down off the mountain and found ourselves………

…………… right back in Rhayader.

Yep, we spent an hour nearly getting killed going round in a big circle.

After that, we did the only sensible thing there was to do: found a pub and drank large quantities of alcohol.

3 thoughts on “Posh Party

  1. Lovely thread on Ravelry about the meetups – great pictures…
    Would it be wrong of me to take a sickie from work so I can come next time? (just kidding!)

    Dee – I love the way you tell a story, I chuckled! Satnav or satnaff?!

  2. I love the way you finish the adventure! Just giving my two cents here, but definitely listen to yourself and don’t wait to spin those lovely batts. Spin from good stuff to begin so you can concentrate on the actual spinning aspect and not on how the fiber is behaving 🙂 Batts are awesome to spin from and I think you’ll love it. Enjoy and thanks for the great story for my evening!

  3. What fun! Would that I could have been there! And, yes, no better way to end the day than a stop at a pub….. good girl!