Ultimate Yarn Party Part I

I’m getting there! The photographing is done, just got to label it all now. Phew! Here are some of my favourites so far:

Arabella Meadow

Beatrice Pas de Deux

Beatrice Elvish

Sophia 2ply Eeyore

Sophia 2ply Honeycomb

Eva 2ply Beatnik

Sophia 4ply Summit

Eva 4ply Tiffany’s (one of my all time favourites)

Eva 4ply Rock Chick

Emily Bollywood (this week’s cover shot)

More previews tomorrow!

One thought on “Ultimate Yarn Party Part I

  1. Oh Dee, you and Tony have outdone yourselves! This week’s update is absolutely stunning. I can usually pick out the 7 or 8 colours that I want, but this week it’s impossible! My bank balance and I are in serious trouble!