Yarn Mountain

Today’s the day when I usually show you the first set of preview photos from the shop update. But this week I’m running a leetle bit behind. Partly because we’re doing updates two weeks in a row, so I’ve been juggling packing with prepping for the next update. Partly because I also had to get the mitten kits out this week. But mainly because this week’s update is


Seriously, we’re talking the biggest update ever in the history of Posh Yarn (and possibly the history of the world!). It’s huuuuuuge. I’m photographing today, and with a bit of luck, I’ll have some preview photos to show you later.

I wanted this, our last shop update of the year, to be a very big and very special one. After Sunday’s update, we will be closed until January, so this one has to tide you over until then! Also, as I mentioned a while ago, I’m very reluctantly putting up the prices on lots of our yarn in January. So I wanted to give you a chance to stock up at the lower prices. I asked Tony to really pull all the stops out when he was dyeing this week’s yarn, to make it an extra special update, and he’s even exceeded my expectations. I know you are going to love the selection we’ve got for you. And I’ve included the last few mitten kits and some Helena Aran (which many of you have been requesting) for good measure.

So, whatever you have planned for Sunday night, make sure you can get to a computer for the update at 7pm. I want all of my lovely, funny, special, kind, supportive customers to be involved in this last, very special update of 2008. Let’s go out with a bang!! 

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