Take a Tour…..

….. of our new living room.

Sadly, I have no before shots, but imagine this: a tiny dark room, with an L-shaped bite out of it, where there was an inside porch by the front door. A dirty orange carpet, an orange pine fireplace, grubby white walls. Yuck. Now it looks like this:

(cushions all from Etsy, sofa from DFS – half price!)

(my knitting corner, which me and Tony are fighting over already)

(the corner by the front door is where the porch was originally)

(I can’t tell you what trouble we had getting all the books in! I had to get rid of quite a lot, sigh)

It feels so bright and spacious in here now, it’s a joy to work in (I do a lot of my Posh work in here, on the laptop, by the woodstove. Wouldn’t you?!?). Although I am a leetle bit paranoid about the cream carpet, what with Tony (who tends to spill), the three cats, and the wood stove.

No sooner has the dust settled from this project than we’re planning the next. Our plan, which we want to do over the Christmas break, is to knock through the two upstairs bedrooms (both absolutely tiny) into one big room. Then we can move our bedroom upstairs, and use the downstairs bedroom as a yarn store/office. The house will be much more practical and pleasant then. I can’t wait until it’s all done!  

23 thoughts on “Take a Tour…..

  1. Very nice – I want bookcases like that! Bad news is… unless you’re a cleaning fanatic you’ll regret that carpet. I’ve lived in two flats with cream carpets – never again!

  2. It looks lovely Dee. You and Tony have both worked hard on it. It looks really warm and inviting.

  3. Sacrifice a little time with a carpet cleaning liquid and a cloth left in handy place ready to run to so that you can keep your light bright room. It will be worth it. Looks fab.

  4. yes, the room looks lovely. I also have tons of books, and my main concern is dust! Good luck with the rest of your work!

  5. Absolutely beautiful. The only “before” photos I really remember seeing are in March 2007–is it really the same room? Somehow it looks like you’re acquired books since then 😉

  6. How did you do it so fast? Our home renovation projects take forever. See, there’s yet another one of your talents! Nice job. Now enjoy!

  7. What a lovely warm and cosy room! The cream carpet looks great but… we had one and it was the biggest mistake ever, especially with kids and cats 😀

  8. I love how your bookshelf is like a giant art installation, with the color and light! What a great room!

  9. Be still my heart. The bookshelves!!! That would be a dream come true for me.

    The room is so cozy and inviting…… inviting, yes, very.

    ; )

  10. oh my goodness- the room looks straight from a catalogue….gorgeous. You and Tony did a magnificent job !!!

  11. It’s lovely! So cosy and welcoming, and I love the bookcase, or should I say book wall?

  12. I think the cream carpet looks great.We have a light carpet in our dining room and all sorts has been spilt on it,thrown from highchairs,etc but as long as you act quickly and soak up the liquid on a cloth right away, you will be fine.Enjoy.Love all the books.We have loads of books but they are in smaller bookcases all over the house but I have always wanted a book wall.

  13. Bright and spacious, but stil wonderfully cozy! It looks great. I know and love that fabulous feeling from making a room you spend lots of time in look miles better than it did before. Awesome job. 😀