Flyte is coming along beeyootifully – I’m only a few rows away from the armhole shaping. It’s a gorgeous pattern, although one thing that is really bugging me (and yes, I know I could have recharted it myself to put this right, but I couldn’t be bothered) is that it is knit in the round, but the charts don’t match up at each side, so there’s a weird jog in the pattern. Having the pattern continuous seems like one of the main purposes of knitting in the round, to me at least, but never mind.

Fair Isle is so much fun, especially when the colours change every couple of rows as they are doing. In fact it’s really hard to put it down. Forgive me the terrible photographs – I’m knitting it on a pretty small circular needle, so everything is bunched up together. When I get a bit further on I’ll thread it onto some waste yarn and photograph it properly.  

Today I’ve been photographing the yarn for this week’s update, and oh boy have I got some gorgeous yarn for you!!! We’ve got Sophia 2ply and 4ply, Eva 2ply and 4ply, Laura, Emily, Lei, Amelia, Sophia 8ply, and Lisette, an aran weight single ply pure silk yarn. Squeee!!!

One thought on “Flyte

  1. Oh that is lovely. I’ve just finished a Christmas Stocking using Fair Isle and have a couple more projects planned – may have to wait until I have finished my Christmas knitting first though!